End of Year Savings and Special Pricing

The New Year is a wonderful time for new beginnings or to erase the past. This is the primary reason why health and wellness businesses such as health clubs, tanning salons, tattoo removal clinics and Med Spas see an increase in activity with customer appointments at the beginning of each year.  

To be prepared for the increase in activity surrounding the New Year, there are many companies in the aesthetics industry that look to the end of the year to purchase new equipment or to upgrade existing equipment.

Year-end 2017 might be one of the best years ever to purchase a new laser tattoo removal device or upgrade the existing equipment at your practice.

There are three primary reasons why end of the year 2017 is an excellent time for purchasing a new tattoo removal or hair removal device:

1. End of Year Specials
2. Medical Device Tax Savings
3. Section 179 Deduction 

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With Trends Toward Self-Care, Men Increasingly Seek Hair Removal

All of us deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. While your mind might immediately jump to the stereotypical ladies' night out, with spas and pedicures and grooming treatments, this rule should apply to all genders.

The New York Post recently published an article on how men are increasingly breaking the mold and going to spas. 49% of spa customers are now men, an almost 70% increase from 2005, as men embrace spa treatments to maintain their health and fitness.

The recent trend of men discovering the importance of self-care extends to male hair removal treatments. Across all demographics, men are increasingly seeking hairlessness. Many reasons account for this rise in popularity: stars like David Beckham, partners' encouragement to "clean up," the increase in confidence from cleanliness, the removal of ingrown hairs due to shaving, and the added time savings of no longer having to shave daily.

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