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2018 Astanza Laser Hair Removal Scholarship Recipient


astanza laser hair removal scholarshipOne of Astanza Laser’s core values centers around changing lives (#changinglives). We help clients build businesses that provide them additional income and assist them in delivering aesthetic services to improve the lives of others! In our efforts to positively impact those around us, we created the 2018 Astanza Laser Hair Removal Scholarship earlier this year. This scholarship established for students pursuing an education in science, medicine, and technology-related fields who wish to positively impact other’s lives and make a difference in their communities.

unnamedWe are very excited to announce the recipient of this scholarship, Tonette Ezichi Akwuole, who will receive $1,500 towards her college educational expenses. At just three years old, Tonette and her family received the opportunity to move to America from Nigeria after her father won the Visa lottery. Tonette prioritized education at a very early age and went on to graduate from Parkville High School in Baltimore, Maryland with a 4.0 GPA. Her extracurricular activities included Student Council Vice President, Varsity Volleyball Captain, National Honor Society Vice President, and interning at the VA Lock Raven Rehabilitation Center. Tonette will be attending Columbia University in the fall and be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biophysics.

“I hope to work in both the inner city and in rural Nigeria at some point throughout my medical career to encourage participation in STEM as well as to be further informed on issues facing the people of these communities in conjunction with the pursuit of medical education at college and beyond. I want to understand better these groups of people through what they have to say and their perspectives on the world," said Akwuole.

"In part, I also plan to share my concerns and viewpoints from my background as a Nigerian American woman in the United States to my peers and others around to bring awareness of this perspective to inspire African American representation in STEM. I admire how the Astanza Hair Removal Scholarship seeks to reward those who strive for the betterment of their community and world. The winner is admirable not for their test scores and other statistics but their driven moral character.”

Astanza received over 1,800 application submissions from many strong candidates making the recipient decision very difficult. We want to thank all participants for their entries and wish everyone the best of luck in their education.

Astanza provides clients with superior technology, service, training, and marketing support to help practitioners deliver outstanding hair removal results and help their customers feel comfortable and confident in their skin. Astanza’s diode ReSmooth laser and their Trinity tattoo removal system are used by leading aesthetic practitioners worldwide.

The Astanza Laser Hair Removal Scholarship was created to assist students with the high cost of secondary education and to inspire students in their pursuit of higher education.

Congratulations again to Tonette Ezichi Akwuole – we wish you the very best as you continue to pursue your educational goals and make a difference in your community and influence the lives around you positively.

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