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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Laser Tattoo Removal Certified in 2022


Laser tattoo removal is a highly profitable industry. Whether you’re an existing aesthetic practitioner looking to expand your services or an entrepreneur starting a new career path, there are several enticing reasons why you should get laser tattoo removal certified. 

Provide a more holistic experience for your clientele, increase your profits, or see how you can give back to your local community by erasing regretful or traumatic tattoos. Learn more about this highly-sought-after service and why you should expand your skills by getting certified in laser tattoo removal. 

Remove Tattoos, Add to Your Profits

While opening a new business or offering a new service is an investment, the demand for laser tattoo removal continually increases and shows no signs of slowing down. The average time to complete each treatment is about 15 minutes, averaging at the cost of around $200. So let’s say you’ve got back to back laser tattoo removal clients – that’s a potential average hourly revenue of $800.

Tattoos have become increasingly popular, with almost 30% of Americans having at least one tattoo and the number growing rapidly. With tattoo popularity on the rise, the regret of getting one will continue to rise as well. Nearly 23% of those with tattoos have said they regret getting one. Seeing these two statistics side by side, you see how the demand to get a tattoo completely erased or covered up has also grown.

Expand Your Existing Services 

If you’re looking to expand your existing aesthetic practice’s services, we strongly encourage you to make laser tattoo removal one of the main offerings. Although the demand for laser tattoo removal has gone up, the number of practitioners who provide this service is notably low. By adding laser tattoo removal to your existing services, you give your current clientele the convenience of getting treated in-house versus sending them to a competitor. 

In addition to providing these services to existing clients, adding laser tattoo removal could help you target a new demographic of potential prospects, too. Take advantage of this growing market – get certified for laser tattoo removal! Astanza’s training entity, New Look Laser College, is the most comprehensive expert laser tattoo removal training course. On top of the thorough clinical education and plenty of hands-on practice, New Look Laser College students also receive cost-effective business and marketing tips to get your business booming with clients!

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Give Back to Your Local Community

Creating a nonprofit to provide laser tattoo removal at discounted rates to those who need it most is a great way to join the industry with philanthropic intentions. Although the demand for laser tattoo removal is high, it is not easily accessible by those most in need.

Get involved in your community by getting certified this year and help people who want a clean slate in life. Some of the most common individuals who wish to remove painful memories of the past, but cannot afford them, are the formerly incarcerated, people affected by human trafficking, and those having difficulty finding employment due to visible tattoos.

Astanza has a long history of providing laser technology to non-profits and correctional facilities throughout the U.S., delivering this service through assistance in funding, equipment purchasing, and addressing significant challenges faced by these non-profits.

New Look Laser College provides expert tattoo removal training through a two-day course that explores all aspects of performing laser tattoo removal. Check out New Look Laser’s 2022 Training Courses Schedule to find the best course for you! Register at least two months in advance to receive early-bird discounts and get $300 off!

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If you’re looking for more information or would like to speak to our experts about starting your laser tattoo removal business, contact Astanza today and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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