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Aesthetic Trends to Look For in 2019

2019 is officially in full swing, and #NewYearNewMe is EVERYWHERE.
With the wave of January-induced self-improvement already making a big splash, aesthetic industry leaders are eager to jump on the newest treatment trends and claim their share of the market.  Here are some aesthetic trends expected to make a big impact this year, and other tidbits you can use to capture more business: 

1. Millennials are making up a greater portion of those looking for treatments to improve their appearance. 
More Millennials - 2019 Aesthetic Treatment Trends
Millennials ages 18-34 are more likely than those 35 and older to be planning personal well-being or appearance changes of any kind (88 percent vs. 80 percent).

2. Skin colors and light hair no longer a reason to not get hair removal treatments
Patients no longer have to rethink getting a laser hair removal treatment due to their skin tone or hair type.  With updated technology now available on the market, patients are able to achieve complete hair removal even if they have darker skin tones or lighter, finer hair (historically, these are two instances in which hair removal has been much less effective).  Learn more about the devices businesses are profiting with by performing effective laser hair removal. 

3. Body Contouring 
Non-invasive body-contouring is expected to surge this year as an alternative method to plastic surgery.  Be on the lookout for technology like EmSculpt that performs muscle and fat shaping procedures.  

4. Minor "Tweakments"
Tweakments - 2019 Aesthetic Trends
Plastic surgeons are noticing a shift in treatments requested from patients.  Overfilled lips, dramatic breast augmentation and other drastic cosmetic changes are becoming less popular as more patients are going for a more "natural" look.

5. No More Stubborn Skin
Fractional Skin Resurfacing by Astanza Laser
More and more patients are choosing to finally treat "problem areas" of their skin that they've been putting on the back-burner.  With the ability to effectively remove wrinkles, scars, and benign lesions, as well as receive deep ablative or full skin resurfacing treatments, patients are ready to refresh their skin.  Find more information on the technology that's helping med spas and physicians be more competitive in the skin resurfacing market.  

6. Cosmetic Dentistry
Untitled design
Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise with more accessible and comfortable treatment options now available.  Invisalign teeth straightening, professional whitening and veneers / implants are expected to continue increasing in popularity in 2019.  

7. Partial Tattoo Removal 
Laser Tattoo Removal by Astanza Laser
In a recent survey of Astanza clients is was mentioned time and time again that there has been a greater interest in partial tattoo removal or lightening in preparation for a cover up versus complete removal.

"This creates a wonderful opportunity for tattoo shops that perform laser tattoo removal treatments to add a new source of revenue and expand their client base," said Holly Della Vedova at Evolve Tattoo Removal.  Learn more about the devices that make complete and partial laser tattoo removal possible for elite tattoo specialists. 

Interested in Profiting in the Aesthetic Industry? 

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