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Ask Astanza: Answering Your Laser Hair Removal Questions!


During this episode of the #AskAstanza video series, we answer frequently asked questions about laser hair removal to help inform potential patients and interested practitioners. Watch below as Josh and Jessie debunk myths and share insight into the cost of laser hair removal, treatment experience, how effective laser hair removal is, and more!  

Laser hair removal continues to be one of the most popular aesthetic treatments among both men and women. Considering that 30% of the population over 18 years of age seek hair removal solutions, laser hair removal has grown into a $587.56 million global industry.1 Despite laser hair removal's growing popularity, there are still many misconceptions surrounding this highly sought-after procedure. 


Laser Hair Removal Questions Answered During Recent #AskAstanza Video: 

We've received several questions from our Instagram and Facebook followers regarding laser hair removal's efficacy, cost, procedure safety, treatment time, and more. During our latest #AskAstanza video, we answer these common questions: 

1. How does laser hair removal work?
2. Is laser hair removal painful?
3. Is laser hair removal permanent?
4. What is a laser hair removal treatment like / How long does a treatment take?
5. How much does laser hair removal cost?
6. Is laser hair removal safe for patients with darker skin tones?
7. Does laser hair removal work on all hair colors?
8. What’s the aftercare like for laser hair removal treatments? 

We created the #AskAstanza video series to educate our followers and others interested in aesthetics on various procedures, technology, and trends! As new laser hair removal technology emerges in the market, it's important to debunk myths previously perpetuated by older, less effective systems to inform patients seeking hair removal solutions. To suggest a topic for our next #AskAstanza video, contact us through our website or send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram!  (Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and FOLLOW us on social media!) 

Watch the Full Video #AskAstanza - Answering Your Laser Hair Removal Questions!

Learn More About the MeDioStar Diode® Hair Removal Laser 

The MeDioStar® diode laser hair removal system mentioned during this #AskAstanza video is the leading hair removal system among top US dermatologists, plastic surgeons, med spas, and laser specialists. Made by Asclepion Laser Technologies and only available in the US through Astanza Laser, the MeDioStar's® features have made laser hair removal faster, more effective, and more comfortable than ever. 

The MeDioStar's® innovative diode system uses a wavelength combination of 810/940 nm, variable pulse length (3 – 400 ms), and a 360° contact skin cooling system to ensure safe treatments for all skin tones (I – VI). With up to 5,000 watts of power and an industry-leading spot size of 10 cm2, the MeDioStar® allows practitioners to destroy deeper hair follicles and perform faster treatments. For skin specialists and aesthetics professionals interested in more information on the MeDioStar® diode hair removal laser, visit the product page to download the brochure. 

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To find a med spa near you using Astanza technology for laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, and more, visit the "Patient" area of Astanza's website.  

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1. Statistics courtesy of Grand View Research. https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/laser-hair-removal-market 

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