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#AskAstanza Recaps 2019 and Looks Ahead to 2020 Industry Trends


New year, who dis? 

With 2019 squarely in our rearview mirror, we can't help but reminisce on all the great things the Astanza team experienced and accomplished last year.  Hear how we challenged the status quo (and gained a few weird stories along the way) while providing our clients and followers with boundary-pushing service, training, marketing support, and technology during the latest installment of the #AskAstanza video series! 


How do you think Astanza Laser Service Engineers help clients grow their businesses and clinics? 

"I think we have a pretty hands-on approach with a lot of our clients. It's nice to know that Astanza has a 3-business day service guarantee We're in the field a lot, so we can help (our clients) with pricing (for treatments). Obviously having your machine up and running and having a dedicated engineer come out and work on your system is ideal. I think we apply more business aptitude than your average technician."
- Josh Walsh, Senior Biomedical Engineer

TRAINING:  What’s something that surprised you during NLLC training? 

"It's not very often that you get a tattoo artist, an entrepreneur, and a doctor in the same professional setting, so it's really cool to see how they interact with each other and are able to educate each other on different aspects of the tattoo removal business that the other might not have considered. (...) I love seeing our students make connections and (become) friends with each other." 
- Jessie Brandt, Brand Marketing Manager 

MARKETING SUPPORT:  What’s been your favorite marketing moment this year? 

"Everything we did for National Tattoo Removal Day, August 14th! That was so fun.  This year I feel like we really got that up off the ground and got clients involved. We did tons of treatments in office that day for free (...) We were promoting (the event) through our email marketing, blogging, and social media to push the message out to our clients. We gave them graphics for flyers, posters, and social media so that they could promote NTRD within their own businesses. A lot of them used that to help sell (treatment) packages. (...) One of our clients actually saw 50 tattoo removal patients in one day, treated all of them for free, and signed most of them up for packages to continue their stream of revenue."  
- Jessie Brandt, Brand Marketing Manager 

TECHNOLOGY:  What technology are you most excited for next year? 

Stay tuned for exciting updates this spring! (Hint: This new device is made in Germany and will help you treat patients faster for one of the most popular laser treatments in aesthetics industry.)

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Is Your Business Ready for 2020?
2019, you were good to us, but we're ready for the new year ahead! The aesthetics industry is continuously evolving, and we're excited to help our clients and followers navigate the coming industry changes and new patient needs.  To learn how these changes will affect your business (and your bottom line), join us for an exclusive webinar "2020 Aesthetics Trends (and How They Affect Your Business)" on January 30, 2020, at 1:00 PM CST! 

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