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Astanza Laser Accepting Bitcoin


10867407714_8913797772_o.jpgOne thing we pride ourselves on is our commitment to our customers. We don’t just create relationships with our clients, we create partnerships. So when we received requests from clients about accepting transactions using Bitcoin, we did more than just listen, we delivered. As the old saying goes, “ask and ye shall receive.”

Keep reading to learn more about how Astanza's focus on customer service is changing the way business is done in the aesthetic laser industry. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows anyone in the world to send and receive money through quick and low-cost transactions. Rather than relying on a central authority (government or corporation) to control the system, accountability is enforced by a worldwide ledger, making exchanges transparent and less susceptible to corruption. In layman’s terms, Bitcoin allows people to perform direct transactions online without the use of a middle man.

The most well-known cryptocurrency by far, Bitcoin has begun to gain major traction in contemporary markets. From one of the most notable transactions in 2008 – when someone bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin – to the rapidly growing number of commonplace bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin has come a long way over the past decade. Major companies and merchants, including big names like Microsoft, Bloomberg, Wikipedia, KFC Canada, and even Subway, have legitimized Bitcoin by accepting payment for products using the online currency. Fast forward to 2018: Astanza is now accepting Bitcoin as a way to provide flexible purchase options for clients.


Client-Focused Approach

Astanza is always looking for ways to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. So when the demand for a flexible payment option like Bitcoin surfaced, there was no question whether we should meet it. As a laser company, we value the security, speed, minimal transaction fees, storability, manageability, and digital relevance of bitcoin. We know that by accepting this digital currency, we can help clients that own Bitcoin with making their laser financing much easier.

After all, entrepreneurs and small businesses make up a significant portion of Astanza’s customer base. By accepting Bitcoin, Astanza can mitigate some of the challenges that traditional payment options have. Astanza is now accepting Bitcoin for client down payments, service contracts, and the purchase of any hair or tattoo removal lasers.

Astanza not only takes care to accommodate its diverse client base and provide the service customers deserve, but we also keep up with the times. You’d be hard-pressed to find a laser technology provider that's more in touch with it's client's needs. 

If you have a question about using Bitcoin to make a down payment or purchase a laser, contact usClick here to learn more about your financing options. 

Sarah Clarke

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