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Astanza Partners with Leading Dallas Tattoo Artist and Studio


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Since its early beginnings, Astanza has established itself as a leader in laser tattoo removal technology. It didn’t take long for us to realize the enormous impact our lasers were making in the lives of individuals around the world. One of the most significant communities we’ve been able to change lives through is the tattoo industry. For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with countless tattoo artists and tattoo studios to deliver safe, fast, and effective removal results.

One partnership we’re particularly proud of is with Josh Hall and Lamar Street Tattoo Club. Just a 7-minute walk from Astanza’s headquarters, Lamar Street Tattoo Club and owner Josh Hall, a seasoned tattoo artist, were recently nominated for the Best Tattoo Artist and Best Tattoo Studio in the 2021 Best of Dallas® Reader’s Poll.

Keep reading to learn more about Lamar Street Tattoo Club, Dallas’ highest-rated tattoo shop, and their success in adding laser tattoo removal to their practice.

About Lamar Street Tattoo Club

dallas texas laser tattoo removal lamar street tattoo club astanzaLamar Street Tattoo Club is home to some of the most talented tattoo artists and was recently selected as one of the top 18 Best Tattoo Shops in Dallas out of 281 businesses. Lamar Street Tattoo Club aims is to bring a higher standard in tattoo quality and cleanliness to clients and ultimately create artwork their clients will love.

Owner Josh Hall has over 20 years of experience as a professional tattoo artist and has been heavily influenced by the early American and Eastern tattooing styles. Clients are drawn to his warm and friendly personality and impressive artwork, including styles like traditional American, Japanese, Mehndi, Botanical and anatomic.

What is their Dallas shop like?

I always wanted it to feel like an old school smoking lounge or barber shop - a place where you could hang out and feel comfortable."

You can sense the high bar Lamar Street Tattoo Club has set for itself from the moment you walk into their crisp and eclectic studio. The studio evokes a warm, artistic environment for both their clients and elite artists to enjoy. Check out the video below for a walk-through of their practice as we show off their shop!

How did you get into laser tattoo removal?

“I’ve been doing laser tattoo removal for about 7 to 8 years now. Back in the day, I used to send my cover-up clients elsewhere to get their tattoos faded. There are lots of tattoos that you can’t easily slap a cover-up over. Laser tattoo removal helps fade down those really dark, heavily pigmented tattoos, so it’s easier for us tattoo artists to apply a cover-up while giving the client exactly what they want. One day I got sick of sending thousands of dollars a month out of the shop to some other guy. It didn’t make sense for me to send my own clients away instead of lasering them myself. So I invested in a laser and started offering tattoo removal services.”

Tattoo artists worldwide are beginning to offer a full-service experience for clients with the addition of laser tattoo removal. As Josh shared, some tattoos are complicated to cover up, no matter how talented a tattoo artist is. With laser tattoo removal, tattoo artists can create a cleaner canvas to work and eliminate limitations like size and colors within just a few treatments using advanced laser technology.

Why did you choose Astanza technology?

“I upgraded my laser a couple of times over the years for different reasons but officially switched to Astanza technology in 2019. I wanted a powerful laser that could keep up with the demands of my studio while effectively meeting my clients’ needs, and that also came with reliable support. The Duality and Astanza delivered on all of that and more. Their service team and all the people there are friendly and helpful. It’s been a good relationship since the start. No one ever tried to force me to buy anything that I didn’t need; they only ever talked to me about what I needed without trying to upsell me on things that didn’t make sense for my business. They’ve always been straightforward and direct. That’s how I run my business, and I like how Astanza runs the same way.”

Astanza is the leading laser provider for tattoo shops and tattoo studios around the world. Like Hall shared, more tattoo artists are adding laser tattoo removal to their studio and services so they can provide a full-service experience in the convenience of their space and ultimately increasing revenue for their business. See Astanza's line of industry-leading laser tattoo removal technology.

The Astanza ExperienceBecoming an Astanza client also gives you access to our Astanza Experience. Being a tattoo artist and wanting to add laser tattoo removal to your studio may seem overwhelming. However, with the Astanza Experience, which features our 3-business day service guarantee and lifetime training and clinical support, you'll have the #AstanzaFamily close by to support you every step of the way. 

Vote for Josh Hall and Lamar Street Tattoo Club in the Dallas Observer

As mentioned in the intro, Josh Hall and Lamar Street Tattoo Club are currently nominated for Best Tattoo Artist and Best Tattoo Studio in the 2021 Best of Dallas® Reader’s Poll. So be sure to support them and all the hard work they provide for the Dallas Metropolitan community by voting for them daily until September 12, 2021 at 11:59 pm CST.

Astanza is proud to partner with such passionate people as Josh and the Lamar Street Tattoo Club. If you are a tattoo artist who’s interested in expanding your business with laser tattoo removal, be sure to check out our webinar, “Under the Ink: An Inside Look at Laser Tattoo Removal from Tattoo Shops,” or contact us to get in touch with an Astanza representative.

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