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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Episode 6


Astanza Tattoo Removal News hosts are back again to give you an exclusive look at client case studies, New Look Laser College news, and a new webinar for individuals looking to start their laser business. We also feature a couple of Astanza clients that took New Look Laser College’s training course and were able to launch their business and help serve their community successfully.

Special guest and Astanza’s Business Development Manager, Josh Walsh, joins Astanza Tattoo Removal News to talk about our newest webinar: Frequently Asked Questions about Starting a Laser Tattoo Removal Business. This on-demand webinar, easily downloadable, goes through the business basics and expert tips to effectively launch and grow your laser tattoo removal business. 

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Cassie Farkas and New Look Laser College

New Look Laser College, Astanza’s laser tattoo removal training course, certifies students and prepares them to start their own laser business. This 2-day program includes comprehensive clinical education, hands-on training, and business and marketing support. 

Cassie Farkas, the owner of Ink Eraser, opened her business after attending New Look Laser College in 2020. She realized after researching training courses that New Look had “good reviews and good experiences from other people” and began her journey with Astanza Laser. She mentioned how she was able to learn more about laser tattoo removal and the technology behind it mixed with the knowledge and patience of Jordan Hall, instructor and engineer of Astanza Laser, that separated New Look Laser College from the competition.

Now, after trusting the process and the effort she has put in her business, her clients are getting the best treatments possible.

Special InkedMag Feature with 1Point Tattoo

1 Point Tattoo is located in Kailua, Hawaii, opening their tattoo shop in 2016 and adding laser tattoo removal to their services short after. Their work was recently featured in InkedMag’s latest print edition and are seen in an article on InkedMag.com, available here. 

Like most of our clients, 1 Point realized the benefit of having tattoo artists and tattoo removal practitioners in the same place. Laser tattoo removal is the safest way of removing unwanted ink and making room for new and improved art. By adding laser tattoo removal to a tattoo shop, a tattoo artist can expand with their artistic services and give their customer better results. 

Download Our On-Demand Webinar

Check out our recently recorded webinar to get all of your questions answered about starting a laser tattoo removal business. Some of the questions we answer are how tattoo removal works, the best way to get started as a practitioner, how to market your laser business successfully, and any other questions that clients may have had during the live webinar. 

Get more information about what we covered here.

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