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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Episode 7


Breaking News! A new episode of Astanza Tattoo Removal News is out with important information about upcoming events, our blog, and a further look into what selling aesthetic lasers really means to us. In addition, we feature important information about National Tattoo Removal Day – coming up very soon on August 14th – and what the purpose of #ChangingLives looks like in a day-to-day scenario. Also, get an inside look at one of our nonprofit clients, Homeboy Industries, learn about their mission and resources and how they've become the worlds largest re-entry and rehabilitation program.

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National Tattoo Removal Day

August 14th is the most important day for any laser technology lover! It celebrates the positive impact removing tattoos has on a person’s life, and it’s an excellent way for practitioners to offer significant incentives and deals for their treatments.

Anyone can join in the fun of celebrating National Tattoo Removal Day. If you’re a laser practitioner, there are many great ways to engage with your clients and get them in your door. Social media as a grand advertising platform can help expand your brand awareness. Make sure to add the holiday's unique hashtags to your posts (#NationalTattooRemovalDay, #NTRD) so potential customers can find your deals more easily.

Speaking of specials, consider creating a National Tattoo Removal Day package to offer on August 14th! Whether it’s 50% discounts, a Buy One Get One Free, or a bundle of laser tattoo removal treatments, make sure to incorporate promotions this year. It’s the biggest single day of revenue for the year for many tattoo removal practitioners, even when offering these steep discounts. 

Are you looking for photo props or decorations to help you adorn your office? Make sure you check out the official National Tattoo Removal Day website to purchase your swag kit! Don't forget to share any videos or promotions on social media to promote NTRD.

Astanza Blogs

It’s important to us to share as many resources as possible with anyone looking to get into the aesthetic laser business. Our blog is one of our main channels to keep up with current trends, news, and information.

We cover various topics in the aesthetic laser industry, including client interviews, stats in the tattoo removal business, and how to upgrade your social media strategy. In addition, we love making it readily available to our clients and the general public interested in laser technology.

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Homeboy Industries - #ChangingLives

One of the main parts of entering the laser tattoo removal industry is how people benefit from erasing their unwanted tattoos. A nonprofit client we work with, Homeboy Industries, focuses on evolving the lives of former gang members and those who have been previously incarcerated and helping them re-enter society. Located in Los Angeles, Homeboy Industries provides free laser tattoo removal to anyone formerly incarcerated or in a gang, in addition to several other resources. By adding laser tattoo removal to their services, Homeboy Industries is able to remove difficult memories that can be a constant reminder on a person’s body. 

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