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August 14, 2019 -  Resources to Celebrate National Laser Tattoo Removal Day


Astanza is getting ready for National Tattoo Removal Day on August 14th, and we are helping the thousands of laser tattoo removal practitioners across the country prepare as well.  We have put together some fantastic resources to help you engage with your clients and to spread the word about National Tattoo Removal Day! 


What is National Tattoo Removal Day?
National Tattoo Removal Day is a day that celebrates laser tattoo removal and the many advancements in laser technology that have made the removal of unwanted ink safe and effective.  With more advanced technology, tattoos no longer have to be permanent, and tattoo owners now have the power to remove their unwanted ink. 

Who does National Tattoo Removal Day Recognize? 
This special day supports laser tattoo removal patients whether they're in the process of removing ink or on the fence about receiving treatment.  Removing unwanted ink can be a life-changing decision, and each patient has a motivation for receiving treatment.  All tattoo removal patients have this one thing in common: they want a fresh start.  Patients may remove tattoos because they've fallen out of love with them, the ink no longer fits their lifestyle, they're eager to remove reminders of a painful time in their life or tattoos received under duress, or they're interested in fading their current ink for a better cover-up tattoo.  

National Tattoo Removal Day also aims to recognize
the practitioners, businesses, and non-profits that perform laser tattoo removal.   

Resources for Laser Tattoo Removal Practitioners
Practitioners can help their new and existing clients join in the celebration by offering a special National Tattoo Removal Day discount. Participating in National Tattoo Removal Day is a great way to entice new clientele and encourage existing clientele to come in for additional treatment.

You can use the official National Tattoo Removal Day logo to commemorate this exciting day, or click this link to download additional FREE marketing materials for this day!


If you are looking for a laser tattoo removal provider, visit the official National Tattoo Removal Day website to find a provider near you www.nationaltattooremovalday.com.

Join numerous practitioners around the world in celebrating National Tattoo Removal Day by:

  • Post before and after photos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  • Make sure you use the hashtag #NationalTattooRemovalDay to spread the word and generate buzz
  • Offer special discounts and promotions for new and existing customers
  • Write a blog post on your website about National Tattoo Removal Day
  • Like National Tattoo Removal Day's official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nationaltattooremovalday/
  • Follow and share the National Tattoo Removal Day Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/380795375884064/
  • Download the free National Tattoo Removal Day graphics below and share them on social media

Click here to download more marketing materials for National Tattoo Removal Day.

National Tattoo Removal Day Free Graphics

For more information on National Tattoo Removal Day and ways you can celebrate, you can visit the National Tattoo Removal Day website at http://www.nationaltattooremovalday.com/ and use the hash tag #NationalTattooRemovalDay.  National Tattoo Removal Day is on Facebook as well.

Sarah Clarke

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