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How to Build Your Aesthetic Laser Practice Dream Team

Anyone can be trained to perform laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and other aesthetic services. However, you can't easily teach a positive attitude and strong work ethic. When you are growing your aesthetic laser business, you need to create the best team possible. This means employing people who truly love working with clients on a daily basis and are just as invested in the business’ success as you are. With the right team, you can create a loyal client base and grow a positive brand image.

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Hey, Pete! Let Astanza Help with your Laser Tattoo Removal

Dear Pete,

So we heard that you are thinking about getting a few tattoos removed? You aren’t alone. In the United States, millions of people make the difficult decision to get their tattoos removed each year and Astanza wants to support you in this endeavor.

Pete, if you are reading this, let Astanza help you out with your laser tattoo removal! Find an Astanza tattoo removal client near you and get started. If you want some help with the cost, since you famously lived in your mom’s basement and have more than 100 tattoos to remove, let us know and we will see what we can do. Email us, DM us on Instagram or even Facebook message us….  

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Why Your Aesthetic Laser Practice Needs a Pinterest

You’re probably thinking, “Pinterest...really?” And the answer is: Yes! Really.

When you’re thinking about marketing your MedSpa or aesthetic laser practice, your first step should be creating a good website. And that is definitely the most important move to getting your brand and the services you offer out there.

Once you’ve got a sound website created, it’s time to think bigger. What other avenues could you use that are simple yet effective to spread the word about your business? 

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Three Popular Aesthetic Laser Treatments for Father's Day

Don’t let it sneak up on you – Father’s Day is almost here! Now is the time to honor all the hard work that your old man does for the entire family. Over the years, you have probably bought him a slew of traditional presents. That might be a fancy tie, some sports memorabilia, or maybe even a beer-of-the-month gift package from his favorite craft brewing company. All of those are good choices, but this year it’s time to think outside the box – more specifically – to dad’s hairy back! 

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Astanza Celebrates 11 years: A Coming of Age Story

You’re familiar with the coming of age: Awkward life lessons that have to be lived through, learning your true values and leaning into your core character traits. Take that notion and apply it to Astanza’s existence so far as we enter our “pre-teen” years. 

Today marks Astanza's 11th anniversary as a laser industry leader. As we look back and reflect over the past 10+ years, we can't help but be proud of the tremendous growth we've undergone, where we stand today, and the exciting plans we have in store for the future.

We have gained knowledge and experience through numerous challenges and attribute much of our success to our dedicated hardworking team and our clients' support and loyalty. Keep reading to learn more about our company's journey.

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7 Most Frequently Asked Questions from Laser Tattoo Removal Patients

The initial tattoo removal consultation is an important moment for every patient and every practice.

It's an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of the procedure, establish rapport with your patient, and gain their trust so they decide to proceed with treatments.

You'll want to answer their questions thoroughly and express your expertise in laser tattoo removal. 

We've gathered the most common patient questions about laser tattoo removal for your reference. Anyone that interacts with a patient – from the receptionist to the practitioner – should feel confident discussing these topics.

Looking for a laser tattoo removal treatment? Click here! 

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