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Most Popular (and Profitable) Treatments You Can Perform with an Erbium:YAG Laser

Skin tightening, eliminating sunspots, wrinkle reduction and stimulating collagen. 

The demand for these treatments has been on the rise in the past decade as patients increasingly seek new ways to capture (or recapture) that rejuvenated, glowing look to their skin. A proven and praised method for these patients? Laser skin resurfacing! 

Lasers utilizing 2940nm Erbium:YAG devices are classified as ablative devices because they vaporize skin tissue, can remove excess tissue, or help promote collagen production in a very controlled way. Practitioners need to control how the laser emits energy to remain in control of exactly how aggressive or gentle treatment may be.  

For example, the Asclepion DermaBlate Erbium:YAG system uses a fractionated handpiece to deliver more controlled treatments. This fractionated handpiece splits the ablative laser energy into 169 tiny spots called "microzones." These microzones serve to spread the energy in a way that will allow for the fastest recovery time. By doing this, we're also able to better control precisely how intense a procedure is. Keep reading to learn more about three treatments using the DermaBlate's fractionated handpiece that can be incredibly precise, effective, and profitable in your practice. 

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Improving Your Med Spa's Marketing with New Software

Your med spa may offer the best products and services in your area, but without strong marketing efforts to spread the word, your appointment books are as good as empty! 

Any business owner understands the importance of strategic marketing to drive demand, brand awareness, and ultimately, sales. However, developing influential marketing campaigns requires a multi-faceted approach that incorporates several outlets. Managing social media, blog content, email promotions, and more on top of successfully running your clinic can seem like a daunting task. Each of these components thrives when marketers focus their attention and efforts, but having the right tools at your disposal can make a world of difference. Keep reading to learn more about automating various areas of your digital marketing and how doing so can benefit your business in the long-run!  

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5 Sweet Valentine's Day Promotions to Keep Clients Coming Back to your Aesthetic Clinic!

Valentine's Day is almost here! Aesthetic clinics across the country, regardless of the treatments they provide, can capitalize on this lovely holiday to develop competitive pricing, packages, promotions, and more to keep their clients coming back long after the roses and heart-shaped candies are gone! Keep reading for a few fun ways to incorporate Valentine's Day into your aesthetic clinic's marketing and sales promotions this season (or plan for next year!). Of course, these are just a few ideas to help get your wheels turning - find some inspiration and tailor these promotions to best suit your business's sales goals. 

Want more ways to level-up your business's marketing and sales this year? Click here to watch the pre-recorded webinar, "10 Marketing Tips for Your Aesthetic Business!"

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RN Holly Hashop tries MeDioStar Diode Hair Removal Laser for the First Time, Treating Legs and Underarms

Finding a laser hair removal device that both patients and practitioners enjoy historically has been no easy feat. Luckily, the new Asclepion MeDioStar diode laser checks all the boxes: fast, effective, powerful, comfortable, safe for all skin types, easily customizable treatment parameters, ergonomic design made with the busy practitioner in mind, and more. Recently, Astanza hosted Holly Hashop, a Registered Nurse from Austin, TX, at our Dallas headquarters to demonstrate the MeDioStar and allow her to experience firsthand what the buzz was all about. Keep reading to learn about her demo experience and watch a recap video! 

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Things to Consider When Adding Laser Hair Removal to a Salon (Or Other Non-Medical Aesthetic Business)

Joining the medical aesthetics industry as a salon, day spa, or other non-medical aesthetic business is an exciting route for growth and increasing profits!

Still, business owners should be aware of the necessary steps to take when growing their operation with one of the most popular aesthetic treatments! While the methods for removing unwanted hair seem endless (shaving, waxing, sugaring, electrolysis), laser hair removal continues to be the most requested solution thanks to its minimal discomfort, fast treatment times, and lasting effects. However, there are a few things to consider before adding laser hair removal to your existing business.

Here are the first three things to examine when adding laser hair removal to a salon, day spa, or other non-medical aesthetic business: 

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US Sees an Increase in Requests to Remove Symbols of Racism and Hate using Laser Tattoo Removal

The United States experienced a multitude of changes, challenges, and opportunities to grow during 2020. In a year filled with racial justice protests sparked by George Floyd's killing in late May, we saw statues, monuments, schools, and other public spaces either removed or renamed as one of many responses to public outcry.  

Aesthetics professionals also witnessed this social reckoning on a personal front for their clients: covering up or removing tattoos reflecting racist ideology. 

According to this article by NPR, many tattoo artists across the country had a significant increase in requests to remove racists tattoos during 2020, especially during the summer. 

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Astanza Laser's Best of 2020

To say that "2020 has been an interesting year" might be the understatement of the century! 

So many businesses in the aesthetics industry, including Astanza, faced challenges that required them to pause, regroup, and re-strategize so they could continue serving their clients safely. Although COVID-19 effectively threw a wrench in everyone's plans this year, this moment in history also allowed so much creativity, innovation, determination and grit, compassion, and (virtual) togetherness, to rise to the surface.

We had the privilege of diving deeper into our relationships with our clients to support them during these uncertain times. We got to see the Aesthetics industry virtually come together to help one another's businesses and online presence. At Astanza, we had the opportunity to rise to the occasion and be the best partners to our clients and followers we could be. Please continue reading for a few of Astanza's 2020 highlights from our four focus areas: Service, Training, Marketing Support, and Technology! 

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Benefits of Built-In Contact Cooling in Hair Removal Lasers

What is Contact Cooling? And Why is it so Important for Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser hair removal has cemented itself as one of the most popular aesthetic procedures available, so clinics must stay competitive by offering additional features and enhancements to stand out to prospective patients. One key aspect of laser hair removal treatments that practitioners often overlook is skin cooling, aka "contact cooling"! 

"Contact cooling" is a term that laser manufacturers coined to convey their laser handpiece's ability to, quite literally, cool the skin upon contact before and during laser energy emission. Cooling the skin before a laser hair removal treatment is especially critical in today's technology since older laser technology was infamous for not prioritizing patient comfort. Most older hair removal lasers were responsible for discomfort, burning sensations, and even pain. Why? Because they had no built-in way to prepare the skin for the laser energy about to be emitted. Many clinics are still using these older lasers today, resulting in less-than-stellar treatment experiences for their patients. 

Luckily, more modern hair removal lasers, like the MeDioStar by Asclepion, come equipped with skin cooling capabilities built into the laser's handpiece. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of built-in skin cooling in laser hair removal devices! 

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Aesthetic Laser Purchase Before the End of the Year

As the year comes to a close, it's essential to analyze your aesthetic clinic's performance to determine how you can continue to invest in your business. 

In a year when aesthetic clinics faced unprecedented challenges, long-term closures, restructuring, and plenty of re-grouping, we saw several emerge stronger than before. Many of those business owners used (and are still using) this time to dig deeper into their financials, operations, marketing, and available services to operate even more efficiently than before. 

By revisiting ways to optimize business operations, aesthetic clinic owners have also afforded themselves the bandwidth to search for ways to stay competitive (and profitable) in their ever-changing markets. For many, this meant investing in new technology and introducing new services to their loyal customer base. Keep reading below for three ways to optimize your aesthetic laser purchase before the end of the year:

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Best Spot Sizes for the Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Areas

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available. With the general interest in aesthetics on the rise, practitioners must have the right tools at their disposal to meet the needs of their patients. Safely and effectively treating different skin types, hair colors, and desired treatment areas are the main features practitioners look for when researching hair removal lasers. However, a laser component that is often overlooked is spot size.

Spot size is the radial distance of a laser's light beam and affects the penetration depth of light energy.
Spot size plays an essential role in administering the most efficient and timely laser hair removal treatment for different body areas such as the face/neck, bikini area, underarms, legs, and back. Keep reading to learn the best laser spot sizes to use for the most popular laser hair removal areas! 

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