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Astanza Laser 2018 – American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS) April 11 - 15

Come mid-April, the American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS) will be hosting their 38th annual conference right on Astanza’s home turf: Dallas, TX! Astanza Laser will be at Booth 820 and would love to speak with clients, friends, and those interested in learning more about the superior service, training, marketing support, and technology provided by Astanza. 

Astanza will also be providing additional information on DESCRIBE® PFD Patches and will have them available for sale at a special ASLMS show rate. If you can't make it to ASLMS and want to purchase DESCRIBE® PFD Patches at our special introductory rate you can do so by clicking here

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Webinar: 3 Tattoo Shops Discuss Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal and tattoo shops seem to contradict each other as concepts, but tattoo shop owners have found ways to use laser tattoo removal to create better artwork, increase their customers' satisfaction, and to increase their profits. By adding laser tattoo removal to their businesses, tattoo shops have dramatically increased their bottom line. Three of Astanza’s tattoo shop clients will, in our upcoming webinar, “Under the Ink: An Inside Look at Laser Tattoo Removal with 3 Tattoo Shops,” offer an exclusive look into the profitable procedure and how it relates to their existing businesses. They’ll discuss how to increase tattoo shop profitability, market laser tattoo removal, and attract customers with the procedure.

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Learn More About MedSpa Marketing and Get Free Marketing Tips and Tricks

With the increasing popularity of beauty and wellness treatments of all kinds, the demand for the services offered at “medspas” is flourishing. The high demand for information and know-how on the specifics of operating and expanding a medspa business has inspired us to host an instructional, absolutely free webinar on: “5 Ways to Increase the Profitability of Your MedSpa.” Before you sign up for the webinar, here are some pre-session basics.

What is a MedSpa?

MedSpas, short for “medical spas,” combines elements of traditional spas and medical clinics. Patients at medspas receive cosmetic procedures, especially ones countering the effects of aging skin, in a relaxing environment. Medspas have become more and more popular with the booming aesthetic industry. Having helped establish medspas internationally, Astanza Laser wants to share insight on how these businesses increased their profitability.

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Laser Hair Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

With the upswing in people seeking laser hair removal, it’s only natural that aesthetic procedure providers and entrepreneurs have been taking interest in and asking questions about the increasingly popular treatment. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a master list of laser hair removal frequently asked questions (FAQ): all you need to know about laser hair removal, all in one place.  To get started we put together a few of the most popular questions asked about hair removal in this blog. 

You can see the entire list of hair removal FAQs by following this link

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Astanza Laser Accepting Bitcoin

One thing we pride ourselves on is our commitment to our customers. We don’t just create relationships with our clients, we create partnerships. So when we received requests from clients about accepting transactions using Bitcoin, we did more than just listen, we delivered. As the old saying goes, “ask and ye shall receive.”

Keep reading to learn more about how Astanza's focus on customer service is changing the way business is done in the aesthetic laser industry. 

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 The Hair Removal Solution that Medspas Have Been Waiting For

Laser hair removal has become one of the most consistently in-demand treatments today. It's safe to say that majority of us are tired of dealing with unwanted hair. Even more so, we're sick of the temporary results shaving, plucking, and waxing provides.

Luckily, we are living in the age of technology and have access to the ultimate permanent hair reduction solution to our hair removal woes. People all over the world are seeking out medical spas that offer advanced laser hair removal services. So if you're an existing medical spa owner and have yet to jump on the laser hair removal bandwagon, the time is now!

In this article, we'll discuss the top three reasons why adding laser hair removal is the smart choice for your medical spa.

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Astanza to Award 2018 Astanza Hair Removal Laser Scholarship

Astanza believes that we do more than just sell lasers; we change people’s lives. We help clients start profitable new businesses, we help people change their appearances and feel better about themselves, and we care about each other as family.  How you intend to change people's lives is one of the criteria for selection of the 2018 Astanza Hair Removal Scholarship recipient. 

How do you intend to change people’s lives? 

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Free Webinar: How to Start a Laser Tattoo Removal Business

February 15th at 2 pm CST we are offering a free-of-charge, 45-minute webinar for tattoo shop owners, entrepreneurs, and tattoo artists who are seeking to grow their tattoo shop businesses by offering laser tattoo removal.

The webinar will teach you best practices to maximize your laser equipment investment and kickstart your own successful laser tattoo removal business. 

With the right guidance and marketing, adding laser tattoo removal services to your existing tattoo shop can add substantial value to your business.

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Rising Demand for Laser Tattoo Removal Training

One decade ago, New Look Laser College (NLLC) was established to meet the demand for a comprehensive, credible educational standard for tattoo removal providers. New Look Laser College, with roots in Texas, is the world's first laser tattoo removal training program and has since grown to cover locations all across the nation, such as Dallas, Detroit, Miami, and Las Vegas, as well as international locations, including Prague and Amsterdam.

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