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Why Laser Wavelengths Matter for Removing Tattoos

Just as every patient is different, every tattoo that undergoes laser tattoo removal is unique.

Expert laser practitioners want to be able to remove any tattoo, regardless of the colors of ink in the design – to do so, you'll need multiple laser wavelengths to get the job done.

Different laser wavelengths are needed to remove different colors of tattoo ink.

It is all based on the concept of light absorption – some tattoo pigments absorb some wavelengths of light better than others. To provide effective tattoo removal treatments, you'll want to make sure that the laser wavelengths you use are well-absorbed by the tattoo inks you're treating.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Clinic Office Space

While there are many decisions to be made when starting a laser tattoo removal clinic – the laser being the one of greatest importance – the clinic space itself must be taken into consideration. What should this space look like? How big should it be? What kind of setting should it be in?

This article will provide five tips for choosing clinic office space by discussing all things involved with clinic location, building type, layout, design, and setup process.

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Medical Directors and Tattoo Removal Clinics

As entrepreneurs begin the process of building a laser tattoo removal business, they run into the state guidelines recommending or requiring medical supervision or the here-and-there role of a medical director. This medical director figure can come in many different forms, with as many different medical backgrounds, licenses, and locations in relation to the laser business.

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Insurance for Laser Tattoo Removal Providers

Insurance for Laser Tattoo Removal ClinicYou can insure virutally anything. Celebrities are insuring their body parts, and food critics insure their taste buds. Even cigar aficionados have been rumored to take out policies on rare collections and file claims due to “loss by fire.”

When it comes to your own business, it is worth it to have some level of insurance coverage – for financial purposes and peace of mind.

While general policies exist for businesses of all shapes and sizes, a laser tattoo removal clinic is a unique kind of business and, like other specialty operations, may require more specifically written terms to cover its niche operations.

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