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Bad Habits Tattoo Removal Helps Cuban Rapper Remove Face Tattoos on Hoy Dia


Tattoos can be a work of art that express a meaningful event or a person that’s important to you. However, sometimes the outcome is less than what was envisioned or the tattoo can remind someone of a past life that is difficult to look at every day.

Laser tattoo removal isn’t just for people who want to completely remove a tattoo. It’s also commonly sought after to create a cleaner canvas for a tattoo artist to work on, allowing for the cover-up tattoo of clients' dreams! That’s why tattoos and tattoo removal are better together.

People from all backgrounds and life experiences seek out laser tattoo removal. It’s become such a popular aspect of tattoo fanatics’ lives, that even celebrities are getting in on the action! Our very own Astanza client, Lisandra Chaviano with Bad Habits Tattoos and Tattoo Removal, helped Cuban rapper Osmani García remove his face tattoos as he ventures into the acting world.

Celebrities Are Just Like Us

Whether you’ve ever regretted getting a tattoo of an ex partner, you’ve simply outgrown it, or you received a job opportunity that required removing your tattoo, there’s no reason to feel like you’re alone. In fact, even celebrities are going through the laser tattoo removal process.

Remember when you were in your teens and thought you’d never get rid of the freshly inked art on your lower back? Well, so does Khloe Kardashian! Below, she’s seen getting her ‘bumper sticker’ removed from a decision she made when she was 16. 

Or check out Rose McGowan’s back tattoo! Her pinup girl can be seen loosely faded by another company’s tattoo removal laser. 

Rose McGowan Tattoo

And who could forget about Pete Davidson removing all of his 100+ tattoos! His reasoning for getting them removed seems to be his acting career, now moving upwards in the movie business instead of only performing comedy as he’s most well-known for his work on Saturday Night Live! 


All of these celebrities and more have gone through the laser tattoo removal process for a variety of reasons – so there’s no need to feel like you’re making a mistake by wanting to remove or fade your tattoos.

Just don’t make the same mistake as them, find a provider near you that works with Astanza’s Duality and Trinity lasers to get the best results. Astanza’s tattoo removal lasers are the safest and most effective with the most advanced technology available.

Osmani Garcia Gets Laser Tattoo Removal 

Another celebrity wanting to get his tattoos removed due to his acting career is Cuban rapper, Osmani García. Hoy Dia, a news and entertainment show broadcasted by Telemundo, joined García as he began his laser tattoo removal journey. 

As seen in the video, practitioner Lisandra Chaviano zaps the ink of Garcia’s tattoo with Astanza’s Duality Q-switched laser. Because of the Duality’s two wavelengths, 532 nm and 1064 nm, the laser is able to treat a variety of tattoo ink colors – including García’s black and red tattoo. Take a look at the frosting work on the red ink! 

Working with Tattoos – Not Against Them


While some may think tattoo removal practitioners are anti-ink, laser tattoo removal is not the enemy of tattoos. In fact, we believe that tattoos and tattoo removal are better together

Like Chaviano, there are many practitioners running their tattoo removal business inside a tattoo shop. This is a great tactic to give your current tattoo customers an option to get laser tattoo removal treatments too! If they were interested in getting a cover-up, you could offer your customer a package deal to get laser tattoo removal treatments first and create a cleaner canvas for your tattoo artist. 

Take a look at this great example of Chaviano’s work on permanent eyebrow makeup. After four laser tattoo removal sessions, the makeup was faded enough so that her client could get her eyebrows re-done!

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