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Branding 101: Improving Your Med Spa's Instagram


Instagram for MedspasIf you own or manage a medical spa, you probably have a website or plan to create one as soon as possible. Since people connect online so much, having a website is solid advice for branding your medical spa. But a website isn't enough. Unless you have clients that have already taken advantage of your services or have a business card with your website address, they might never discover all your services.

While a handful of people search for med spa information by plugging keywords into a search engine, nowadays, the bulk of time spent during online leisure time is on social media. Because of this, having the right presence on social media for aesthetic practices is an integral part of building a brand for your medical spa.

Social Media for Medspas

When planning your medical spa's presence for social media, it is essential to cover all your bases. List the services you provide or want to provide and find a visual way to grab people's attention on the major social media outlets. Medspa social media should, at the very least, include Instagram and Facebook as these are both platforms that support a lot of visual content. Your content should have a heavy impact on a potential client's social media feed while also showcasing the personality of your business along with the services you provide on your profile and highlights.

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Importance of Instagram for Your Branding Journey

Instagram can give one of the most visual and interactive experiences of the various forms of social media available, making Instagram perhaps even more important than Facebook for medspas. You can also simultaneously post to Instagram and Facebook so that followers on both platforms can tell what you are doing in your business. You can even have multiple Instagram accounts that focus on different aspects of your brand. Some people might be interested in learning more about your laser hair removal services, and others might want to look at your Instagram account for laser tattoo removal.

Instagram and Facebook offer advertising platforms to help your business market different discounts and other incentives, whether they need a tattoo removed or want a cosmetic procedure done that your business has expertise in.

Posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV

With Instagram, you can choose the level of impact depending on the service you are promoting. A post offers followers a place to stop and stay awhile, and it is easy to engage with customers in a non-immediate way. Stories are only visible for 24 hours, so they are great for limited-time offers. Live Video and IGTV let you engage in real-time with customers and really show them who you are as a business.

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