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#ChangingLives: Astanza Attends 2019 Global Homeboy Network in Los Angeles

Astanza recently attended the 2019 Global Homeboy Network in Los Angeles, hosted by Homeboy Industries. Devoted individuals and organizations attended the 6th annual Global Homeboy Network to support marginalized populations in Los Angeles and learn how to break the cycle of recidivism in their communities.

Our very own Astanza President, David Murrell, and Regional Sales Manager, Opal Taskila, participated in the Network's informal sessions where they discussed how Astanza is partnering with non-profits and correctional facilities to increase job opportunities and reduce recidivism with laser tattoo removal. 

What is Homeboy Industries? 
Founded in 1988, Homeboy Industries originated in one of the most gang-affected areas of Los Angeles in efforts to help improve the lives of former gang members. Homeboy Industries has since evolved into the largest rehabilitation, gang intervention, and re-entry program in the world.

They offer several life-changing services, including an 18-month employment and re-entry program, laser tattoo removal, substance abuse resources, education opportunities, workforce development, and mental health resources. Aiming to shift the tides from mass incarceration, Homeboy serves thousands of people every year and strives to improve communities across the world with resources necessary for individuals to successfully re-enter society.  

About the Global Homeboy Network
The Global Homeboy Network (GHN) launched in 2014, taking Homeboy Industry's mission worldwide. Each August, Homeboy Industries hosts their annual Global Homeboy Network in Los Angeles, California.

Leaders attend GHN to learn how to take action in their communities all over the world and implement similar programs rooted in kinship and compassion. To learn more about the gathering or inquire about technical visits, please email globalhomeboynetwork@homeboyindustries.org.
Click here to see a gallery of pictures from the Global Homeboy Network Gathering.IMG_2994

How Laser Tattoo Removal Helps Decrease Recidivism
Homeboy Industries has performed over 11,000 tattoo removal treatments since opening its doors in Los Angeles. Laser tattoo removal plays a key role in reducing recidivism and helping individuals in their re-entry process. By removing gang-related tattoos, individuals can find work that their tattoos would have otherwise prevented. With this step in the right direction, Homeboy's beneficiaries are breaking the cycle of recidivism and reclaiming their future.
For more information on non-profit tattoo removal, click the image below to view the pre-recorded webinar, DeInked for a Cause: The Story of Non-profit Laser Tattoo Removal.
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