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#ChangingLives with Laser Tattoo Removal Feat. Global Homeboy Network


Laser tattoo removal is a widely sought-after procedure that removes and transforms unwanted or regretful ink. Although this procedure is known for its for-profit benefits to a practitioner’s clinic, it has changed the lives of numerous people and recipients involved with non-profit organizations.

#ChangingLives With Laser Tattoo Removal

When an individual gets a tattoo, the most common motivation is the personal meaning of the tattoo. Some examples include the name of a partner, honoring a family member, or dealing with hardship in the past. But what happens when a tattoo becomes a constant reminder of a negative experience or an obstacle to entering the professional world?

Laser tattoo removal has become a popular solution to getting unwanted tattoos erased. In 2021, the search for “tattoo removal” increased by 40% compared to 2020, growing the demand for this procedure. While laser tattoo removal may change lives on its own, nonprofit organizations are taking it a step further by using it to help people whose tattoos act as a barrier to a fresh start.

Nonprofit organizations may offer free or discounted tattoo removal services to individuals in their community. These clients can include ex-gang members, formerly incarcerated individuals, and survivors of human trafficking. By having this treatment in their community services, nonprofits are changing the lives of their clients by giving them a second chance without worrying about the cost of tattoo removal.

The Global Homeboy Network

One of Astanza’s most distinguished nonprofit clients is Homeboy Industries, helping transform the lives of previously incarcerated or gang-related people. They host a global networking event every year, bringing together social enterprises and affiliates that focus on putting people before their business. Over 400 organizations have visited Homeboy Industries to learn more about training for job opportunities, create cost-free programs and services, and employ within a social enterprise.

One of Homeboy’s free services includes laser tattoo removal, provided with the Astanza Duality, where members of the Los Angeles community and minors who have gang-related or visible tattoos on the face, neck, and hands can get treated. 

Adding Non-Profit Laser Tattoo Removal To Your Practice

Whether you are a medspa owner offering multiple services or a practitioner focusing primarily on laser tattoo removal, adding non-profit tattoo removal to your practice can help you stand out from competitors.

Adding non-profit services doesn’t mean you have to do non-profit work solely. Some practices do half and half, with every paid laser tattoo removal service matching a free one for someone in need. Spreading the word of your effort to give back to your community with laser tattoo removal can create an excellent reputation. Paying customers may decide to go to your practice because of your philanthropic approach. 

Another way of adding non-profit tattoo removal is by partnering with a local organization. For example, volunteering your time and equipment to a correctional facility is a great example of providing your services to people who need them most. An added benefit includes choosing how often you volunteer your skills and what organizations to team up with.

Adding Free Laser Tattoo Removal Services to Your Non-Profit Organization

Suppose your organization focuses on helping the community without creating a profit. In this case, there are many moving parts to consider to allow your organization to run successfully. If you’re looking to add laser tattoo removal services at no cost to your community, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Depending on your state regulations, it’s important to note if you would need a physician or doctor to operate the laser. Find a variety of volunteers with different roles and titles that can get trained at your facility and help individuals in your area. When marketing your tattoo removal program, focus on social or organic strategies that keep your costs low.

Lastly, have laser tattoo removal interlink with the purpose of your non-profit. If your organization focuses on helping people re-enter the job market, highlight why removing unwanted tattoos can give work opportunities back to individuals. If your mission is to provide trafficking survivors with a safe haven, your laser tattoo removal service can spotlight removing branded tattoos off their bodies. Whichever way you decide to implement this service, free laser tattoo removal can positively impact people’s lives.

Click the graphic below to view an on-demand webinar to learn more about successful non-profits, funding, and equipment.

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