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Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for your MedSpa


When it comes to marketing your MedSpa, it’s hard to beat an effective social media strategy. Whether you’re promoting specials to generate new clients or targeting current clients with add-on services, social media is the ideal way to connect with your audience.

Still, getting your next patient isn’t as simple as having a profile and only using it occasionally. In truth, much of the effectiveness of social media comes down to:

  • Choosing the right platforms
  • Knowing the proper way to use them
  • Posting effective content
  • Engaging frequently with your audience

To help you choose and use the best social media for your MedSpa, we’ve divided the most popular platforms into three categories: Essential, to consider, and emerging.

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Essential Platforms for MedSpas: Facebook and Instagram

These are the platforms that every MedSpa should have, bar none.


The number one social media channel for MedSpas is Instagram. Why? It’s a haven for skincare lovers and aesthetic culture in general.

We know this because of the prevalence of dermatological and beauty-based content that gets posted and engaged with on Instagram. Users use Instagram for laser tattoo removal resources. They also use Instagram for hair removal information — in addition to information about new skin treatments, celebrity beauty regimen ideas, and more.

As a MedSpa, be sure to use Instagram to advertise promotions, show before and after pictures, provide short snippets of useful information, and show videos of treatment processes.


Facebook for MedSpas can be helpful as well. It’s a good place to post basic information about your establishment, information about upcoming events, and announcements.

You can also link your Instagram content to your Facebook page so that information is “cross-posted” or simultaneously goes to each platform.

Platforms to Consider for MedSpas: Twitter and LinkedIn

If you’ve got the time, money, and resources to devote to more marketing, get on these platforms as well.


When it comes to social media for aesthetic practices, Twitter is a good platform to add to Facebook and Instagram because it doesn’t take much additional effort. Posts have to be small by nature, so you can easily cross-post.

Actually, the easiest way to use Twitter as a MedSpa is to just copy your Instagram captions and paste them as Twitter updates (with some slight tweaking to keep it under the character limit). You can also use Twitter to easily engage with your followers/clientele and to retweet other quality content.


LinkedIn is a good platform to have for business to business dealings. It’s where you want to connect with other MedSpas and companies you either have done or plan to do business with. It’s uncommon that you’ll have a lot of interaction with your clients on LinkedIn.

An Emerging Platform for MedSpas: TikTok 

Finally, consider TikTik (or at least have it on your radar).


TikTok has traditionally targeted a younger audience. Think tweens, teens, and young 20-somethings. For this reason, your MedSpa might not have a big audience here right now.

Still, skincare influencers, makeup artists, aesthetic providers, and even doctors are starting to make more of an appearance on TikTok. Moreover, the style of TikTok videos alone has become increasingly popular. It’s a good site to consider if you have the time, but don’t make it your first priority.

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Social Media for MedSpas: Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Posting

  • Do post regularly. Aim for once a day or at least once every other day.
  • Don’t use your business page to post personal content. Keep it professional.
  • Do reuse content across all (or most) of your platforms. Different types of people use different platforms.
  • Don’t only use social media to advertise specials, promos, business hours, etc. Post some useful and educational information as well.
  • Do use images, graphics, and videos when possible.
  • Don’t get bogged down or discouraged by any negative commenters or trolls. Try to keep things positive and light when suitable. Block bad apples and delete inappropriate comments when necessary.

More Tips for Effectively Managing Social Media for MedSpas

Keep in mind that having a good social media presence for medical spas doesn’t necessarily mean that your MedSpa has to have a profile on every one of the five platforms listed above. That’s why we ranked them from most to least essential. As a matter of fact, it’s better to only have one or two accounts and to use them consistently, rather than have all of the platforms and use them inconsistently.

Furthermore, if you have the resources, consider investing more time, money, and effort into your social media management. You might even hire a full-time or part-time employee to be solely responsible for social media posts and customer engagement.

Finally, check out our eBook, 10 Tips to Market Your Aesthetic Practice in 2021. This useful guide covers 10 essential marketing tips that will help your aesthetic business thrive this year and for years to come.

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