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Choosing the Right Location for Your Aesthetic Practice


There are several things to consider when opening an aesthetic practice. From financial planning to business forecasting, creating a marketing and communications strategy, and everything in between, successfully launching a new business takes dedication and a solid foundation.

One very important piece of the puzzle is the physical location of your business. Do you want to be in a shared office space with other practitioners? Or maybe you’re looking for a standalone building where you can house several different rooms and offer multiple services? Another aspect to consider would be how much traffic there is near your location. You want to make sure people can easily find and access your location so you don’t potentially hinder patients from taking advantage of the services you provide.

Let’s dive into the top three things to consider when choosing the location for your aesthetic practice below.



Choose a Credible, Affordable Space

While you may have long-term goals for the progression of your business, you really only need one room in which to perform treatments – especially if you’re starting out offering a singular service such as laser tattoo removal. The ideal size of a single-room office is about 400 - 600 square feet. Keep in mind, you only really need space for a treatment table, your laser device, and a functional welcome area where you can take payments from and make future appointments for your clients.

Entrepreneurs just getting started should especially consider their return on investment; you want to make sure you’re in the green each month after making your lease payment, utilities and any other business expenses. 

How to Pick What’s Right for You

If you already have an existing business and are simply adding on a new service offering, which in turn has you looking for a larger office space, then choosing a multi-room space or 1200 square foot building might make sense. Even opening up in a strip mall center with other businesses could work. Consider picking a location near other popular destinations, such as the grocery store or coffee shop everyone in the neighborhood already knows about.

But on the flip side, if you’re an entrepreneur launching your first business, you may want to consider something that’s more cost-effective. Leases within strip malls and shopping centers can be on the higher end and often utilities aren’t included within the monthly payment.

Choosing a smaller office space for your aesthetic practice, such as renting a room within a professional office building full of businesses that service similar clientele, is a great option. Sometimes utilities are also included in the lease agreement so it can help simplify your expenses and financial forecasting, too.

Another option to consider is partnering with a business and renting a room or work space in their existing establishment. For instance, if you’re opening a laser tattoo removal business, working alongside a massage therapist is a great way to save money and also even cross-market. The massage therapist can refer people to you and vice versa, so it’s a great way to begin business relationships, too.

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Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Upgrades

More often than not, leases include options for tenant-requested upgrades, or tenant improvements (TI) for buildouts. If you’ve been dreaming about opening your own aesthetic practice for years, you probably have a very specific vision for what you want your office space to look like. While it won’t be quite as perfect as your dreams, you can work to create the office that works best for you and your clients.

Don’t be afraid to request cosmetic upgrades from your landlord. Modifications such as updating lighting, adding ceiling fans, and painting are simple fixes that can quickly elevate the aesthetic of your business. Even putting up partitions or knocking down walls are simple updates your landlord might cover that will take your office to the next level.

So whether you’re a seasoned practitioner offering multiple services or a first-time entrepreneur, taking into consideration these tips will help execute a successful opening. Don’t forget to think about the geographical location, local traffic, expenses, and requestable upgrades when choosing the right location for your aethetic practice.

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