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Cities in the U.S. with the Most Laser Tattoo Removals in 2018


People erase their unwanted tattoos for a number of reasons: removing the garage tattoo from their cousin, parting ways with an ex and their name tattoo, lightening their ink to improve the artwork with a cover-up, not feeling an emotional attachment to the ink anymore, or just being ready for a fresh start with a new look. 

Recently, Inked Magazine wrote an article featuring the U.S. cities with the MOST tattoo removals in 2018 according to Groupon statistics.  While we don't agree with using Groupon to promote laser tattoo removal or any aesthetic service (it drives the price down for the entire industry and cheapens your services) we did find the article interesting. 

We put together a great resource for those looking for laser tattoo removal including where you can find an Astanza laser tattoo treatment nearby.  If you don't see your city listed, you can contact us to find the Astanza laser tattoo removal provider closest to you. Check it out...  

10. Reno, NV
laser tattoo removal reno NV
Photo courtesy of Ken Lund via flickr
Find the Astanza Duality nearby at 
LaserAway in Walnut Creek, CA.

9. Providence, RI
laser tattoo removal providence RI
Photo courtesy of David Wilson via flickr.
Find the Astanza Duality nearby at Miraculous Creations.

8. Austin, TX
laser tattoo removal austin TX
Photo courtesy of Nan Palmero via flickr.
Find the Astanza Trinity nearby at Clean Slate Ink.

7. Tulsa, OK
laser tattoo removal tulsa OK
Photo courtesy of Frank Boston via flickr.
Find the Astanza Duality nearby at 
Blacklist Laser Removal.

6. Louisville, KY
laser tattoo removal louisville KY
Photo courtesy of The Pug Father via flickr 
Find the Astanza Duality nearby at 
Louisville Tattoo Removal.

5. Los Angeles, CA
laser tattoo removal los angeles
Photo courtesy of Clinton Steeds via flickr.
Find the Astanza Duality nearby at LaserAway in Pasadena.

4. San Diego, CA
laser tattoo removal san diego CA
Photo courtesy of Port of San Diego via flickr
Find the 
Astanza Trinity nearby at Evolve Tattoo Removal.

3. Lexington, KY
laser tattoo removal lexington ky
Photo courtesy of Anthony via flickr
Find the 
Astanza Trinity nearby at the Skin Spa by Salzman.

2. Oklahoma City, OK
laser tattoo removal oklahoma city
Photo courtesy of Josué Goge via flickr
Find the 
Astanza Duality nearby at the Wichita Laser Clinic.

1. San Antonio, TX
laser tattoo removal san antonio
Photo courtesy of Mobilus In Mobili via flickr
Find the 
Astanza Duality nearby at Southwest Tattoo Removal Program, Inc.

Did your hometown make the list? Find laser tattoo removal treatments near you here. 
If you're interested in adding laser tattoo removal to your existing practice or opening your own tattoo removal business, let us know! Follow these links, and an Astanza Representative will gladly answer your questions.

Click to view the webinar - How to Start a Laser Tattoo Removal Business  

Statistics related to U.S. cities with the most tattoo removals in 2018 provided by Inked Magazine.  

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