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Downloadable 2022 Aesthetic Practice Content Calendar


'Tis the season to be jolly…and prepare for the New Year ahead! As you plan your aesthetic practice's 2022 campaigns, promotions, and special deals, utilizing an annual marketing plan and content calendar is the secret ingredient to ensuring a perfect year for your business's success.

Incorporating trending holidays into your aesthetic practice's marketing strategy is a creative way to increase brand awareness, generate new leads, and ultimately welcome new clients into your doors. Lucky for you – Astanza has crafted a content calendar, including hashtag holidays to celebrate, ready to download for free! Keep reading for more marketing tips and how to access the calendar.

Hashtag Holidays Worth Celebrating

There are dozens of national holidays, both well-known and industry-specific, your aesthetic practice can celebrate throughout the year and various ways to celebrate them. Consider a simple social media post, a discount for current customers via email, or even a full-blown party where you offer door prizes or a special on-site giveaway. Whether you're a MedSpa, tattoo shop, or physician's office – you should especially consider highlighting the holidays below and making them an integral part of your annual planning.

Every aesthetic practice could benefit from honoring Get to Know Your Customers Day, celebrated on January 20th. And don't forget to honor your employees on National Aesthetician Day, celebrated on October 15th. But if you're a tattoo and piercing studio, we definitely recommend celebrating National Piercing Day on May 16th and National Tattoo Day on July 17th.

Are you an aesthetic laser business that offers laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and other laser treatments? Then you definitely will want to be sure to honor National Tattoo Removal Day on August 14th and National Hair Day on October 1st. Also, if you are a MedSpa that offers fillers and Botox, don't miss out on providing special deals to honor National Botox Cosmetic Day, celebrated on November 17th.

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Take the Celebration One Step Further

Rather than simply posting "Happy Mother's Day!" on social media, consider running a week-long promotion leading up to the holiday for moms. Maybe it's offering 10% off treatment packages or a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Tying special promotions with trending holidays allows you to join the other brands posting #HappyMothersDay online while taking your efforts one step further. Of course, not every single post you create needs a specific call to action, but any chance you get to entice both new and existing customers to purchase your services is a win-win.

As we mentioned earlier, National Tattoo Removal Day on August 14th is celebrated by numerous tattoo shops, laser tattoo removal practitioners, physicians, MedSpas, and tattoo removal clients themselves. And with laser hair removal being one of the most popular laser treatments, if not the most popular, National Hair Day on October 1st is a day that should not be overlooked. For widely celebrated days like these, consider offering discounted full-service treatment packages since both laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal are not one-and-done procedures. By offering special pricing for treatment packages, you're getting folks to utilize your services throughout their entire removal journey, not just single treatments.

Download Your FREE 2022 Aesthetic Practice Content Calendar

Now for the best part! As we mentioned above, Astanza has created a printable, customizable 2022 content calendar for your aesthetic practice. Denoted on the calendar are dozens of days you can consider celebrating. In addition, we recommend using the notes column on the right-hand side to write in the promotions and specials you'll be running in tandem with these national holidays.

Click here or fill out the form below to receive your 2022 aesthetic practice content calendar directly to your inbox!

And if you have any questions about launching or expanding your laser business, contact Astanza today and one of our experts will be there for you every step of the way.

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