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Feeling Lucky? Take Advantage of Running Spring Holiday Specials


Have you heard the phrase, “give love, get love”? Whether you’re a believer in karma or simply like to put good work out into the universe, offering special discounts and running promotions for your business is the perfect way to reward your clientele while simultaneously filling up your appointment books.

The temperatures aren’t just heating up this time of year! So is the itch for laser aesthetic treatments. People get cabin fever during the cold winter months. But once the sun starts to shine, many clients will want to get ready for the warmer weather. That means trading jeans for dresses, long sleeves for tanks, and other socializing events where they’ll want to look and feel their best. Consider offering special promotions for new and existing clients, such as laser hair removal discounts, to welcome the new season.

Continue reading this blog for three top strategies to running successful spring holiday specials for aesthetic laser businesses.


Have Your Customers Feeling Lucky with a Giveaway!

Nothing is as exciting as winning something – especially if the entry is as simple as putting a name in a drawing hat. If you’re familiar with the social media world, giveaways are extremely popular for enticing current and prospective customers to try your aesthetic practice’s services.

With the warmer months upon us, people are bound to show more skin. So this is the perfect time for your laser hair removal business to increase your presence online and host a giveaway on social media. Offering an entire laser hair removal package is an excellent opportunity to attract more leads that can turn into potential customers while giving one special winner the treatment package of their dreams.

Think about it – even though you’re giving one lucky winner a laser hair removal package for free, you’ll be able to create a trusted relationship through their visits and most likely create opportunities to sell other services to them. On the flip side, the other people who enter your social media giveaway are also interested in your aesthetic laser business's services. So save their contact information, whether an Instagram handle or their full name and email address, to a database and reach out to them with future promotions.

New to the social media world? Lucky for you, Astanza has a webinar – How To: Instagram for Laser Businesses. Register here or click the photo below to sign up.

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Nothing Says, “Thank You” Like a Spa Day

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Get ahead of other businesses offering special deals and start your marketing for Mother’s Day now. Consider running a promotion for gift cards! MedSpas and other aesthetic practitioners can benefit from discounts on gift card purchases above a certain threshold. For example, your laser hair removal business could run special pricing such as $25 extra when someone purchases a gift card worth $150 or more.

Offering a special deal on gift cards encourages people who may have otherwise been on the fence about purchasing your services. Better yet – when husbands and children are figuring out what to get mom for Mother’s Day, nothing says, “treat yourself” like a day at the spa.

If you’re a laser tattoo removal business looking to fill up your appointment books, offering discounted pricing on treatments for moms is a great tactic. Whether it’s for the entire month of May or just one week, giving all moms 15% off the services you provide will make them feel extra special. Take it one step further – run a BOGO FREE deal for tattoo removal treatments when mom books her first appointment by Mother’s Day.


Hats Off to the Graduates!

Springtime is full of celebrations: Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, you name it. However, a large population of people deserving of recognition during the spring and early summer is graduates. Whether it’s high school or college or even completing a professional certification course, new graduates deserve some applause and recognition.

Like discounted gift cards or social media giveaways, honoring graduates is the perfect way to make them feel appreciated after completing such a significant accomplishment. The confidence in laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and other aesthetic skin treatments is huge. Help graduates step into their next chapter with their heads a little higher. Providing special pricing for new grads is the perfect way to honor a diverse group of people and entice new clients to walk through your aesthetic laser business’s doors.

However you decide to spin it, running holiday specials boosts your business needs. So take advantage of the excitement spring brings and offer both loyal and brand new clients discounted rates for your aesthetic laser services.

Questions? Astanza is here to help! Whether you’re an aesthetic practitioner looking to expand or a first-time entrepreneur looking to open a laser business, we have resources. Contact us today, and we will guide you through every step of the way.

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