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Get Ahead: Outline Your 2022 Aesthetic Practice Marketing Strategy


As part of a successful business marketing strategy, your aesthetic laser practice should have a dynamic communications outline ready to go for the New Year. Whether you’re a well-established practice or are a first-time entrepreneur just getting started, creating and utilizing a strong marketing strategy for your aesthetic business is the best way to secure happy customers and ultimately increase your profits. Both new and established aesthetic practices should strategize how they want to grow their business year over year. Follow the three key tips below to optimize your aesthetic practice’s marketing efforts.

Think About the Big Picture and Plan Ahead

Get ahead of the game and boost your laser business clientele by creating a detailed plan within the first quarter. First, develop a marketing outline that addresses your specific goals. Then, within your marketing plan, answer the following critical questions about your business:

  • Who is your target market? Are you looking for more laser hair removal clients? Or do you want to boost the number of customers seeking out laser tattoo removal? Are your clients primarily male or female? What’s the average age range of your customers?
  • What type of brand voice do you want to achieve? Make sure your choices offer widespread appeal. You want to appear inviting to all potential customers.
  • How will you get customers to find you? Is your marketing strategy more traditional with print ads? Or do you want to focus more on digital efforts like social media sponsored posts?
  • How can you get prospects to turn into clients? What is your follow-up process? You also want to consider how to keep established clients coming back. Some services may be one-time-only, but you can remind clients of the other services you provide and encourage them to try another treatment.
  • How much do you want to spend on marketing for the year? How do you want to allocate the budget? For instance, do you want a good portion of your marketing budget to go toward magazine ads to attract laser hair removal customers? Or are you going to dedicate a quarter of the budget to pay-per-click ads for laser tattoo removal?

Create a Physical Outline

After answering the preceding questions, you’ll have the data needed to create an annual marketing plan for your aesthetic practice. Although you may have many goals in mind, create your outline in a single document; this allows you to refer back to it easily. You’ll want to revisit your main goals throughout the year and possibly adjust some timelines based on performance.

Refer to your business marketing outline often and share it with your staff. Consider uploading the marketing outline to a collaborative cloud document site like Google Docs to make access readily available. Upload any content calendars and campaign plans to the same folder to develop a posting schedule for blogs and social media sites. Haven’t created a content calendar yet? Not sure where to start? Your friends at Astanza Laser have created a customizable, downloadable content calendar tailored to aesthetic practices for 2022. Click here or click the image below to access yours for free.

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Run Special Promotions Year-Round

Brainstorm specials that will attract new prospects monthly. For instance, offer an introductory price for laser hair removal for the New Year or Valentine’s Day. Likewise, give discounts before the summer as a way to reach clients who are thinking about the upcoming pool season. Within your outline, set promotional periods to run these specials.

Remember to track your marketing results consistently. For example, record how much you spend and the return on investment seen during the period. Calculating this data will help with future marketing planning.   

Social media is key to marketing your aesthetic laser business online. Every business should have at least a Google My Business Listing, a business profile on Facebook, and a business profile on Instagram.

Whether you're brand new to the social media world or have been on the platforms for a while, mastering the top social media site aesthetic businesses – Instagram – will help increase your exposure and fill up your client appointment books. Tune into Astanza's latest webinar – How to: Instagram for Laser Businesses to learn key strategies and industry-specific guidance. Click here to register or click on the photo below.

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Stay on track with your marketing outline to make 2022 the year your laser business thrives! If you’re ready to launch or expand your laser business, contact Astanza today, and one of our experts will be happy to answer each of your questions.

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