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How to Get Good Online Reviews (and Manage Them)


If you have an aesthetic practice, you probably know that getting good reviews can make a big difference in the number of clients you have. But how can you get more online reviews? There are a few ways to increase the number of reviews you're getting and handle any negative comments you receive. Here are a few things to consider to see the most success.

Focus on the Main Review Platforms

The big three: Google, Facebook, and Yelp, are the largest and most commonly-used online review platforms. In addition to the big three, there's one more review platform you should utilize: RealSelf. If you haven't heard of RealSelf – you're missing out! It's the #1 review platform for aesthetic businesses, health practices, and medical spas. These four platforms are the ones in which you'll want to invest the most time. Yes, there are other platforms where people can leave reviews, but they aren't as popular. You can't always cover everything on every site either., so placing your focus on the biggest sites with the most traffic will provide you the best value for the time you're spending.

Make it Easy with a QR Code

Your aesthetic practice should make it easy for people to leave reviews of your laser business and the work they had done. For example, a sign or poster with a QR code makes it easy for customers to quickly scan and leave a review from their phone before leaving your practice. Be sure to leave a QR code sign in your treatment room, reception area, and checkout desk – creating multiple opportunities for clients to leave a review. Don't be afraid to ask for reviews, either, and mention to customers that they can quickly and easily review your site by using the code or going to their favorite review site.

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Share Positive Comments With the World

By sharing positive reviews in social media posts and emails, you can spread the word that customers enjoy the laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal services you provide. If you provide other services at your aesthetic practice, you can share good reviews of those, as well. Naturally, your social media feed should be more than people saying good things about you. However, those comments are still very important, and there's no reason they shouldn't be part of what you post online. Sharing the good news also encourages other folks to continue to post good online reviews about your business as well. Plus, if you’re primarily posting photos and videos of your treatments and before and afters, sharing testimonials and good reviews gives a nice balance to your social media feed.

Always Respond to Reviews, Both Good and Bad

It's important for customers who leave reviews to feel appreciated, and one of the ways you can help them with that is by responding to those reviews. Positive reviews are easy to answer, but that doesn't mean negative reviews have to be difficult. For example, positive reviews can receive a standard, "Thank you for the kind words" type of response. On the other hand, negative reviews can get some variation of "Thank you for letting us know; we take pride in the services we offer and want to provide the best experience for everyone. Please message us to address this concern."

Asking customers to send private messages helps to take the review away from the public eye, so anything else the customer says won't be where everyone else can see it. Doing that also shows that you're serious about solving any problems customers have with your laser business, so you look better in the eyes of others who read your reviews.

By focusing on the main review platforms, making it easy with QR codes, sharing the good news with the world, and properly managing your online reputation – your business’ success will only increase.

If you have questions about how to effectively market your laser business or aesthetic practice, don’t hesitate to contact Astanza Laser.

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