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How to Give Back with Laser Tattoo Removal


Being a practitioner for laser tattoo removal comes with a range of benefits – from the increasing demand for tattoo removal treatments to the profitability of running a laser tattoo removal business. However, one of the best benefits that can come from laser tattoo removal is helping your community. Whether you decide to do fully nonprofit work, a for profit business that does free or reduced cost removals, or you offer your services by partnering with local organizations for free, there are many ways to give back. 

Fully Non-Profit Work

If you’re looking to provide laser tattoo removal services to your local community, consider fully nonprofit work. Many individuals are hindered in their professional lives due to their tattoos and don’t have the financial means to pay for the removal process. Others come from difficult past experiences, such as being previously incarcerated or affected by human trafficking.

At Astanza Laser, our purpose of #changinglives is practiced in different ways including partnering with nonprofit organizations to provide tattoo removal lasers. Our Duality laser can be  used to remove a wide variety of ink colors and is safe for all skin types, making it a great choice for nonprofits.

Garden Pathways, an Astanza client, is a community-based nonprofit helping the Bakersfield, CA, community. This nonprofit provides various programs designed to lead individuals to have advancements in education, employment, family-stability, and an improved quality of life. They decided to expand their services to include laser tattoo removal to transform individuals’ lives - many that already had transformed on the inside, but needed the right resources to become their best selves.

Another Astanza client that has a huge clientele is Homeboy Industries. They are one of the largest nonprofit organizations that help high risk young individuals, the recently incarcerated, and former gang members who are looking for change. The majority of the people they help have had tattoos on their faces, necks, hands, and arms. The placement of the tattoos or the tattoos themselves can affect how society views these individuals, making it a challenge to feel included in society.

Half Non-Profit, Half Profit

Providing laser tattoo removal can bring the best of both worlds! Another option for giving back to your community is to provide that service within your profiting business. 

Tattoo Removal Ink (TRI) is an organization that does just that. They offer fairly priced laser tattoo removal for customers who are looking to get an unwanted tattoo removed or fairly lightened for cover-ups. They work with individuals on a case by case basis to determine the most fair price to help them on their tattoo removal journeys. When a paying customer receives tattoo removal treatment, TRI then gives a free tattoo removal treatment to someone who has had a difficult past and cannot afford removal otherwise.

This method of giving back can also help you create a great reputation for your company. Not only are you giving people a fresh start, but you also incorporate your paying customers into the mix – giving them a role in paying it forward. 

Partnering Up

The third way of using your laser tattoo removal services is to volunteer! Maybe you’d like to keep your business and your service to your community separate, but still want to help. A great way to do that is by partnering up with local organizations such as a correctional facility or a safe haven for human trafficking survivors. You could also consider helping by giving free laser tattoo removal services once a month to people whose job hunt is limited due to the placement of their tattoo. The great thing about providing these services is that it’s up to you – you decide what organizations to associate with and how often you’d like to volunteer your skills and time.

Ink Eraser opened its doors to help their local clientele remove tattoo regret and transform other unwanted tattoos. Their focus is to give great results, customer service, and care so that their clients don’t need to have a permanent reminder of something they’ve outgrown or reminds them of a negative experience. Although Ink Eraser is a fully for-profit business, their mission to help transform the skin and restore confidence does not stop within their doors. Ink Eraser partners with a local correctional facility that sends inmates to Ink Eraser on a designated day each month, where business owner and laser tattoo removal practitioner and Ink Eraser owner Cassie Farkus volunteers her time and provides removals free of charge. 

By partnering with a local organization, you can run your for-profit business while simultaneously seeing how your services help your community first-hand. 

No matter what method you choose, deciding to help by offering your laser tattoo removal services will create a grand impact in society.

To learn more about funding, equipment, challenges, and successful non-profits, click the graphic below to view a pre-recorded webinar!

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If you have questions on how to start your own tattoo removal business and how to incorporate nonprofit work, don’t hesitate to contact Astanza today. 

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