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How to Launch a Profitable Aesthetic Laser Business


Aesthetic laser practitioners are increasingly in high demand due to the number of people seeking solutions to remove unwanted hair, tattoos, and other skin complications. As an entrepreneur looking to open up your own laser business or a practitioner trying to add this service to your current treatment offerings, it’s important to know how to launch an aesthetic laser business that will become profitable.

Non-Negotiable Steps Before Opening Your Business

There are some key steps that are necessary to do before starting your aesthetic laser business. These steps allow you to get a better understanding of the laser regulations, your market, competition, and your budget. 

Laser Regulations

One of the first things you need to ensure is that you would be able to legally provide this laser treatment in your state. Make sure to research the latest state guidelines and state laser regulations and consult with an expert who will help guide you. The three most important aspects in relation to legally and safely running a laser business are finding a physician or medical director for your business, getting certified as a laser operator, and using FDA-cleared devices.

Your Market

Finding out what is popular in your local market is essential to maximizing your aesthetic laser business’ profitability. A great way to research your target market and competitors is to have a market assessment performed for your business. This will allow you to get an idea on the best location for your business; analyzing the competitive landscape, and even going as far as researching competitors to find out what laser they are using and what their digital marketing efforts are, so you can find your aesthetic laser business’ unique selling points.


Like any other business, a key element you cannot overlook is your budget. By sorting out your finances including revenue, loans, grants, and associated costs can help you forecast your profits. Calculating a break-even analysis with the right experts can help you get business recommendations and maximize your profits from the start. 

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Necessary Training and Certifications

The second part of launching a profitable aesthetic laser business is getting the necessary training to become certified as a laser operator. Programs such as New Look Laser College are a great way to understand tattoos, laser tattoo removal, the devices themselves, and how to operate them. In addition to this training, you can get marketing and business operations tips to make your laser business outshine competitors.

The three most common and needed certifications in order to operate a laser include: Laser Safety Officer, Advanced Laser Practitioner, and Certified Laser Specialist. 

Purchasing a safe, reliable, FDA-cleared Laser Device

The laser you purchase will have a big impact on the overall success and profitability of your company. This will depend on, of course, the laser being safe, effective, and – most importantly – an FDA-cleared device. This will directly affect the satisfaction of your customers, success of treatments, brand loyalty, and client recommendations to their family and friends.

To find a laser that will help you become and remain profitable, it is important that it has the right power to safely treat any and all skin types. In addition, you will want to have a laser that can remove all ink colors, including the difficult tattoo inks that have darker greens and blues. If not, you risk having to turn people away or leave them with non-ideal experiences.

Instead, look for a laser company that will guide you through every step of the way. Astanza Laser, for example, has The Astanza Experience that gives you expert advice and care throughout the lifetime of your aesthetic laser business. The Trinity laser has three wavelengths (532 nm, 1064 nm, and 694 nm) that treat all ink colors and is safe for all skin types. 

If hair removal is the aesthetic laser service you’re looking to provide, the MeDioStar laser is safe and effective on all skin types and can even treat newly-tanned skin with its 360° monolith handpieces that cool the skin at every point during the treatment.

To find out more about launching an aesthetic laser business, check out our LIVE webinar on October 26th, 2022 at 12pm CDT. 

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