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How To Run Summer Specials to Increase Your Aesthetic Practice's Profits


An aesthetic practice comes with a lot of freedom–from what hours your clinic is open to the treatments your clients can choose and what bundles to offer.

During the summer, people are more likely to look for treatments that help them get smooth and clear skin. As an aesthetic practice owner, you can use this to your advantage and run summer specials that will help increase your profits.

Use Your Social Platform

Creating a social media account for your business is crucial to increasing customer awareness. Due to the decreased workload and increased vacation days, people can have more time on their hands and get laser hair or tattoo removal treatments. It also means they’ll have more access to their social media platforms, increasing their online activity with friends and businesses.

If you decide to run a special during the summer, ensure that your social audience knows that. Create a graphic that will draw their attention, either with a treatment photo they would be interested in or emotional imagery that gives them the feeling of being carefree. For example, if your clients are interested in hair removal, your images could reflect their worry-free days in the pool with hairless legs. 

Make your discount or special “pop” on the graphic. It should be one of the first things your audience notices without having to read too much body text. When you add these discounts on your social media, you create the possibility of a “snowball effect.” With the use of shares, tags, and reposts, your clients can quickly spread the word about your discount, giving you more potential customers and increasing your practice’s profits. 

Get In The Holiday Spirit

A variety of holidays can be celebrated in the summer, giving you an excuse to run specials in your practice. These promotions can be celebrated in person, digitally, or a combination. 

Plenty of celebrations can connect to laser hair removal or tattoo removal. For example, National Tattoo Removal Day is just around the corner! On August 14th, practitioners around the nation are getting ready to make appointments with discounted rates for their customers that call on or before August 14th. If you’d like to go above and beyond, invite your loyal customers to your clinic on National Tattoo Removal Day for music, refreshments, and free/discounted treatments. 

Another idea is to see what’s happening in the upcoming weeks, giving you options to choose from for discounts. For example, college classes start in the middle of August. You could provide a special deal for college students to get laser hair removal treatments

By playing with your resources and summer holidays, your practice will have more opportunities to meet the increasing demand for laser treatments and continue to increase your profits.

Contact Astanza Laser

If you’re starting your laser business journey and looking to add a laser treatment to your practice, it’s essential to offer technology with effective results. Astanza Laser provides lasers that are safe for all skin types and yield impressive results. As part of The Astanza Experience, people who buy an Astanza laser will have extensive business and marketing support from the moment the laser is installed. The Astanza Experience takes clients under their wing, helps them develop effective summer specials, and creates graphics for those promotions.

Contact Astanza for more information on starting your aesthetic laser business.

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