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How to Use Facebook to get Appointments for Your Aesthetic Practice


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It wasn't long ago when Facebook and other social media platforms were primarily used to socialize with friends on the internet. Nowadays, med spas, physicians, laser tattoo removal specialists, and other aesthetic businesses rely on Facebook as an essential inbound marketing tool. Strategically marketing through social media the right way will make it easier to line up appointments at your medical spa, laser tattoo removal studio, or aesthetic practice.

Facebook Appointment Scheduling Tools

Facebook is gradually improving with each passing day. The popular social media platform now provides medical spas and other aesthetic businesses with appointment scheduling tools. Restaurants and similar companies have taken advantage of this online appointment option, making it easy for customers to make reservations, ultimately boosting their bottom line all the more. Your medical spa, aesthetic practice, laser tattoo removal studio, or other aesthetic practice can do the same.

Take a moment to put yourself in the position of a prospective customer who lands on your medspa's Facebook page. The last thing you want is for that visitor to bounce off the page in mere seconds without giving serious consideration to your value offering. Ideally, these visitors will spend at least a couple of minutes reviewing your Facebook posts, images, reviews, and ratings.

social media and facebook for medical spas aesthetic practicesThe overarching goal of social media for aesthetic practices is to convince visitors to schedule an appointment through the platform's appointment scheduling tool. After all, medical spas rely on bookings for revenue, so it is imperative your online visitors move from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom by scheduling an appointment while on your Facebook page.

Take advantage of Appointments on Facebook and book services with your business by utilizing Facebook's "book now" button. This easy-to-use and straightforward call-to-action makes scheduling an appointment directly from your Facebook page easy to complete. You can also manage appointments directly from your Facebook page and message any of your customers who have booked an appointment through Facebook Messages.

Why Facebook Appointments are so Important

Facebook's appointment feature is quickly growing in popularity, especially among businesses such as medical spas reliant on appointments to drive revenue. Facebook reports some companies that use the appointments feature enjoy upwards of 40% growth in less than six months. This valuable tool makes it easier for businesses to cast as wide a net as possible, establishing connections with an ever-growing audience. There is also a latent benefit of Facebook Appointments in that it saves time as there is no need to communicate back and forth with clients regarding appointment scheduling. Instead, the entirety of this work is done directly on the Facebook platform.

Just be sure to link your medical spa's appointment page to the Facebook Appointment booking button to ensure they are synced. Connect Facebook with your medspa's scheduling tool, and you won't have to worry about double-booking appointments or losing track of scheduling customers at specific times. This is the magic of Facebook marketing for laser tattoo removal, medical spa service, and other aesthetic treatment appointments.

You Have the Power to Boost Your Appointments on Facebook

Merely adding the booking button through Facebook Appointments is not enough to fill the entirety of your available appointments. Maxing out your available appointments through Facebook Appointments will require some effort. In particular, it will help to shine the spotlight on your top customer reviews. Take screen captures of your latest positive reviews and post those images to your medical spa's Facebook business profile. After all, glowing reviews are one of the top factors that encourage customers to book appointments with medical spas and other businesses.

If your aesthetic business has any special offers, discounts, or other promotions, spread the word about those deals on Facebook and additional social media platforms. Promoting these deals through social media encourages many more customers to book appointments through the popular social media platform. Social media marketing for med spas also includes the use of Facebook's timeline to share information about upcoming specials and discounts. Another tip is to make a post about accepting appointments via Facebook occasionally. Making your customers aware of the ability to make an appointment using Facebook will make it easier for your online visitors to book an appointment at a specific time on a day they are free.

Yes, there are many online booking apps and software programs you can use for your aesthetic practice, but with billions of people on Facebook and the ease and cost of using Facebook appointments, you can't go wrong with giving Facebook appointments a shot.

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