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Improving Employment Chances with Laser Tattoo Removal


shutterstock_30996082No one gets a second chance to establish a good first impression. When meeting someone for the first time, people naturally make judgments based on many factors. Like it or not, one of the most significant judgment factors is one's appearance; this is particularly true during a job interview. While personality and the way one carries themself are taken into account, personal presentation is critical.

For many ex-gang members and previously incarcerated individuals, finding a job upon re-entry can be quite difficult. Keep reading to learn how Astanza Laser is helping correctional facilities and nonprofit organizations change lives in their communities with laser tattoo removal.

An Unfortunate Scenario

Let's say two people are equally qualified for a job. They both have great personalities and answered questions in the interview favorably. The first candidate dressed appropriately but had many visible tattoos. Some were located on the face, and others were a bit frightening to look at. On the other hand, the second candidate simply dressed nicely but had no visible tattoos. This job requires dealing with a very conservative public audience. Who do you think is going to get hired?

Whether this seems fair or not, this situation can and does happen daily, especially to previously incarcerated individuals. While doing time or even before going to jail, they may have gotten tattoos that reflect a dark time in their life. However, for many previously incarcerated individuals reentering society, these permanent reminders often serve as major obstacles when securing employment.

An Extraordinary Solution

LTR Homeboy IndustriesNo one should have to live with tattoos that they don't want or that no longer reflect their identity and new lifestyle. Thankfully, laser tattoo removal can help erase some of life's mistakes, false portrayals, and past reminders.

Laser tattoo removal frees human trafficking victims from ownership markings and painful memories. Erasing a gang-related tattoo can be the first step towards a fresh start and a new job. Laser tattoo removal offers so much more than just employment opportunities; it provides a clean slate.

What We Do

Astanza is proud to equip corrections facilities and nonprofit tattoo removal organizations nationwide with our state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal devices. We understand the powerful impact laser tattoo removal has on ex-gang members and previously incarcerated individuals and love being able to give back to communities with our Duality and Trinity tattoo removal lasers.

Many correctional facilities and nonprofit programs, including Homeboy Industries, Jail Ministry of Elkhart County, LA County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Tattoo Removal Ink, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and many more use Astanza lasers to provide free or discounted tattoo removal to help community members in need.

In addition to providing cutting-edge technology, Astanza supports our partners with award-winning training, marketing, and business consulting services to ensure their success and support their mission of changing lives.

Are you interested in justice reform and making a positive impact in the lives of others? What could be better than providing tattoo removal services to those who so desperately need it?

To get started, contact Astanza Laser or watch our pre-recorded webinar, Deinked for a Cause: The Story of Nonprofit Laser Tattoo Removal, to hear from real nonprofits on how to get started and learn more about starting your own laser tattoo removal program.

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