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Laser Hair Removal: Anyone Can Get It


Most women are familiar with the difficulty of dealing with unwanted hair. However, the cycle of upkeeping, shaving, and battling razor burn plus painful ingrown hairs is costly in price and time. 

For this reason, women have found that laser hair removal is a better way to treat unwanted hair. Not only are the results more permanent and less challenging than waxing or frequently shaving, but laser hair removal procedures are also gaining popularity for their effectiveness and ease. 

However, laser hair removal hasn't just been popular in women. In fact, the most unimaginable individuals are also getting into this popular aesthetic procedure!

BigFoot Bae Joins OnlySloths for Laser Hair Removal

The demand for laser hair removal is so high that even adorable influential creatures are getting in on the action! TikTok stars @BigFootBae and @OnlySloths recently joined Dr. Jason Emer at his clinic to try out Astanza's MeDioStar by Asclepion hair removal laser. 

Dr. Emer, a board-certified dermatologist and renowned cosmetic dermatologic surgeon, runs an exclusive aesthetic practice in West Hollywood, working on some of the most well-known individuals in Beverly Hills. 

The MeDioStar diode laser features Monolith handpieces of different sizes with 360º skin cooling to ensure efficient spot treatments and protection from burns on the skin.

Take a look at these fuzzy friends getting laser hair removal! If they can get a treatment, anyone can!

Promoting Laser Hair Removal with Social Media

Like Dr. Emer, there are creative ways to promote laser hair removal on your social media page. 

As the use of TikTok and Reels stay on the rise, they've become an excellent opportunity to inform audiences about laser hair removal, its benefits, and how it works. In addition, due to the popularity of viral sounds on TikTok and Reels, creating videos on social media is an easy way to become part of a community with common interests and humor.

Social media is a great resource to promote your laser hair removal business and can be easily implemented if you keep a schedule for your posts. This helps any social media platform boost your posts so that your audience is able to engage with them more and so that your posts show up on potential followers’ feed. 

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

To help you get started, we have created a FREE Content Calendar for Aesthetic Businesses where you can plan posts and connect them to different holidays and celebrations. 

Click here to get redirected to a form and fill out the information to get the content calendar sent to your email!

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