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Laser Hair Removal: Does it Work on Tan Skin?


Does Laser Hair Removal work on tan skin_ Does the phrase "no laser hair removal on tan skin" bum you out more than your favorite lip balm melting in your car from the inescapable summer heat? 

Us, too. That's why we're getting to the bottom of this laser hair removal presumption.

Patients and practitioners have been told time and time again that laser hair removal won't work on tan skin, but is this still the case? With recent advancements in laser hair removal technology, there's no longer a "winning combination" of skin tone, hair color and hair type patients need to have in order to get the most out of a laser hair removal treatment. That means: 1) more inclusive options for patients and 2) no slow summer seasons for laser hair removal clinics.  

Laser Hair Removal and Tan Skin

So, why is it that most hair removal lasers can't accommodate darker skin types or finer hair? Simply put, they don't have appropriate wavelengths. 

The features of the Astanza MeDioStar that allows safe and effective laser hair removal treatment on darker skin types are the wavelengths emitted. The combination of 810 nm to target brown/dark tones of hair, while 940 nm (the second wavelength emitted) hits the vascularity of the hair follicle. Both wavelengths are safe to use on darker skin tones because of their relatively low absorption of melanin.

Laser hair removal with the Astanza ReSmoothThe Astanza MeDioStar is the industry standard for laser hair removal, non-invasive benign vascular treatments and benign pigmented lesion removal. 

The MeDioStar's dual-wavelength technology, integrated contact-cooling system, interchangeable Monolith series handpieces, and spot sizes as large as 10 cm2 make the MeDioStar the fastest and most effective solution for unwanted hair and vascular / pigmented lesions, regardless of skin and hair type.  

It's important to note that patients shouldn't be actively trying to tan (or burn) during the course of their laser hair removal treatment. Mild sun exposure won't cause a drastic change to a treatment plan. However, patients should always adhere to proper skincare and apply sunscreen frequently while outdoors. Luckily, the MeDioStar's unique wavelengths, fast pulses, and customized protocols allow for safe and effective treatment on newly tanned skin.

While everyone yields their own unique results, it's important that laser hair removal patients and practitioners know they have options when treating various skin types and hair types.  Patients with darker skin types should look for treatments from devices with dual wavelengths, similar to the Astanza MeDioStar's Monolith handpieces, to achieve the best results possible. For those interested in investing in Astanza MeDioStar technology, submit the form on this page, visit the links below, or contact your Astanza Representative.  

Happy Hair-Removing!

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* Always follow any guidelines related to your individual skincare provided by a trusted physician or aftercare instructions provided by your laser hair removal administrator.  Individual laser hair removal results will vary by patient.

Sarah Clarke

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