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Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing Considerations for Tattoo Shops


shutterstock_499280488 [Converted]-01It’s no secret that adding a new service or product to your tattoo shop can increase revenue and help increase profits. Laser tattoo removal is one of the most popular and successful ways to do just that. When adding laser tattoo removal to your tattoo shop, it’s important to think about how to price your treatments. 

There are a variety of pricing considerations that can help streamline revenue, attract a different clientele, encourage repeat visits, and ultimately grow your business. In this article, we’ll discuss the many options that are available for your shop’s pricing needs.

Cover-Ups and Package Deals

Laser tattoo removal is a great way to market a new service to existing clients, but it’s also beneficial for attracting new clients. Specifically, clients interested in getting an existing unwanted tattoo covered up with new artwork. Tattoo shops all around the world are realizing the impact that laser tattoo removal has on cover-up tattoos. Laser tattoo removal helps fade down existing artwork that contains heavily pigmented ink, making it easier for you to apply new artwork, incorporate different colors, and implement intricate designs.

When a client inquires about a cover-up tattoo, you can make additional income by offering them laser tattoo removal treatments before their cover-up tattoo session. Nothing gains more attention than an exclusive deal or discount. You can provide a special tattoo removal and cover-up package for patients interested in fading their tattoo down then following up with a cover-up tattoo. Conducting a few laser tattoo removal sessions will also lock in that client for multiple removal and tattoo sessions, thus increasing your profits.


Pricing Large Tattoos

One of the most popular pricing methods for laser tattoo removal is size categories. Pricing a tattoo removal session by the tattoo’s size is straightforward and simple for the patient to understand. The more extensive a tattoo is, the more costly it will be to remove it. Large tattoos are a great way to make additional revenue because you can break them up into sections and create more opportunities to sell package deals and solidify repeat visits.

Size Categories-01


Waiting Lists

Many talented tattoo artists can get booked pretty quickly and even have waiting lists up to a year or more. To put a waiting list client’s mind at ease, you could have your laser technician perform lightening treatments on tattoos that are waiting to get covered. Performing a few laser tattoo removal sessions not only adds to overall revenue generated per tattoo but also allows you to strengthen client relationships.


Describe PFD® Patch

Patch_Web-1Laser tattoo removal is known for requiring multiple laser sessions to achieve complete removal. Multiple sessions are necessary partially because each treatment only allows one laser pass. However, with the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch, your tattoo shop could perform up to 4 laser passes in each session. Using the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch delivers faster ink clearance in fewer treatments. By offering treatments with the PFD Patch, you can increase your prices for more efficient results compared to treatment without the PFD Patch.

These are just a few of the many options available to you when figuring out how to price tattoo removal treatments at your tattoo shop. Offering loyalty discounts for existing clients, treatment packages for new clients, and special discounts for cover-up tattoos are all great ways to add additional revenue with this innovative procedure.


The DESCRIBE® PFD Patch is a single-use, optical clearing device accessory for use in laser-assisted tattoo removal procedures. Side effects, including pain, erythema, and edema were reported during laser tattoo removal.The DESCRIBE® PFD Patch is available only through licensed physicians. For full product and safety information, please visit DescribePatch.com/IFU.

DESCRIBE®  is a registered trademark of ON Light Sciences, Inc. Copyright© 2018 Merz North America, Inc. All rights reserved.

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