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Most Popular (and Profitable) Treatments You Can Perform with an Erbium:YAG Laser


Most Profitable Treatments You can Perform with the DermaBlate

Skin tightening, eliminating sunspots, wrinkle reduction and stimulating collagen. 

The demand for these treatments has been on the rise in the past decade as patients increasingly seek new ways to capture (or recapture) that rejuvenated, glowing look to their skin. A proven and praised method for these patients? Laser skin resurfacing! 

Lasers utilizing 2940nm Erbium:YAG devices are classified as ablative devices because they vaporize skin tissue, can remove excess tissue, or help promote collagen production in a very controlled way. Practitioners need to control how the laser emits energy to remain in control of exactly how aggressive or gentle treatment may be.  

For example, the Asclepion DermaBlate Erbium:YAG system uses a fractionated handpiece to deliver more controlled treatments. This fractionated handpiece splits the ablative laser energy into 169 tiny spots called "microzones." These microzones serve to spread the energy in a way that will allow for the fastest recovery time. By doing this, we're also able to better control precisely how intense a procedure is. Keep reading to learn more about three treatments using the DermaBlate's fractionated handpiece that can be incredibly precise, effective, and profitable in your practice. 

Cold Laser Facial to Moderately Reduce Fine Lines, Get Day-Of Glow 

Lasers referred to as "cold lasers" are merely those with exceptionally short pulse durations. With the DermaBlate, the C10 mode of the device will shorten the pulse duration down to 100 microseconds (100 millionths of a second) and have relatively low energy. The effect on the skin is that the laser will be almost purely ablative in each of the microzones, at a very superficial level. This means patients will see a modest correction of fine lines and stimulate collagen production in the superficial layers of the skin. 

Conveniently, this procedure doesn't require much downtime. Patients can wear makeup over the treated area that same day. The only immediate effect the patient would see is a little plumpness and more color brought on by the increased circulation as the body reacts to the treatment. 

Several patients receive this treatment early in the day or during their lunch break to get a nice "glow" that same night. While this treatment is substantial and gives patients a beautiful finish, this technique isn't the go-to choice for meaningful, long-term effects. It can be an excellent introductory treatment for patients who may be timid about receiving laser treatment for the first time, and it leaves behind little to no side effects. Practitioners typically charge around $1,000 for this 20-minute, full-facial treatment. 

E10 Laser Facial  

If a cold-laser treatment isn't as deep as the patient wants and doesn't instigate the practitioner's desired underlying structural change, E10 treatments can take care of business. E10 has a slightly longer pulse duration at 300 microseconds, but it has 2 ½ times more energy in each burst. The result is a more impactful treatment, capable of treating deeper into the epidermis and dermis. This treatment is more effective at treating fine lines, wrinkles, some pigmentation, and it helps tighten the skin as the collagen network rebuilds to be longer strands of collagen than before, instead of the old, short, broken strands.

Depending on the energy settings used, downtime for this procedure can vary from 3-4 days up to a week or longer. The more aggressive the settings, the longer the downtime, as well as more impressive results. This treatment will almost always consist of multiple passes over the entire face, so the procedure might take a bit longer to complete than a cold facial. We recommend waiting six weeks or more between treatment intervals with more aggressive treatment, with significant results appearing even after the first session. A fractional laser facial like this may cost $2,000-2,500 per 30-minute session.

Under-Eye Treatment  

Eyes can be a scary place to treat for new practitioners and their new patients who've never had a laser treatment before. However, with adequate training and clinical support, the under-eye treatment can yield phenomenal results by blending treatment methods. Using a laser that can capitalize on the vaporization response and the coagulative response, we're able to tighten and revitalize under-eye skin in an extremely efficient and effective treatment.

The first pass would vaporize skin tissue by using the E10 settings, drilling deep holes in the microzones of the fractional handpiece, breaking up, and vaporizing the skin tissue. A second pass would utilize the W25 settings, where the energy is lower, and spread over a 1000 microsecond duration. This serves to tighten the skin by using the body's natural coagulative response to that treatment. Downtime for such a procedure would be a couple of days as patients recover from some significant swelling. Patients can receive this treatment as-needed, repeating treatments every two months or so. It's a quick process, taking no more than 15 minutes. However, because the treatment occurs so close to the eye, a standard procedure may cost $1000 for both eyes.

Learning More About Effective, Profitable Erbium:YAG Laser Treatments

Laser treatments targeting aging signs are an ongoing process - we continue to age, form wrinkles, saggy skin, and sun damage. Aesthetic practitioners can help their patients on a semi-regular basis, creating loyal clients and generating steady revenue throughout the process. Looking for better ways to serve her patients and grow her business simultaneously, Dr. Sheila Barbarino employs the Astanza DermaBlate to treat stretch marks effectively.

To learn more about her findings and ways you can help your aesthetic clinic increase revenue, watch the free, pre-recorded webinar, "Dr. Sheila Barbarino's Success Treating Scars and Striae with the DermaBlate Erbium:YAG Laser!" Click here or below to watch now. 

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