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National Tattoo Removal Day 2021 Recap


2021 National Tattoo Removal Day

National Tattoo Removal Day, celebrated each year on August 14th, recognizes practitioners, aesthetic businesses, and individuals who wish to remove their unwanted ink using advanced laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is the most effective and safest method for removing tattoos that are no longer desired, regardless of the reason. Each year, millions of Americans seek a solution for their tattoo regret. With tattoo popularity continuing to increase, the demand for laser tattoo removal will only climb even higher. Therefore, August 14th has officially been registered as National Tattoo Removal Day (NTRD) to celebrate the advanced procedure.

Why Do We Celebrate NTRD on August 14th?

National Tattoo Removal Day is strategically celebrated on August 14th because of two reasons: National Tattoo Day (July 17th) and Valentine’s Day (February 14th). National Tattoo Removal Day is exactly one month after National Tattoo Day and is exactly six months before Valentine’s Day.

If someone got a new tattoo on July 17th to celebrate National Tattoo Day and decided they didn’t love it, they’d have to wait a minimum of four to six weeks before getting a laser tattoo removal treatment. This waiting time is absolutely necessary to give the skin enough time to heal. Therefore, people who got a regretful tattoo on National Tattoo Day would have enough time to get it removed on National Tattoo Removal Day if it didn't meet their expectations!

The second reason NTRD is celebrated on August 14th stems from one of the top motivations for seeking laser tattoo removal: A relationship break-up. Many folks get their partner's name permanently tattooed on their skin as a sign of commitment and love. However, that tattoo can be a very painful, unwanted reminder if that relationship comes to an end. National Tattoo Removal Day is six months out from Valentine’s Day, which is typically how long it takes to remove a basic small, black name tattoo (four treatments, spaced six weeks apart). 

That said, August 14th is the perfect date for patients to start laser tattoo removal treatment and have their ex-partner’s name removed just in time for a new romance on Valentine’s Day.

See How The World Celebrated NTRD


Laser tattoo removal clinics, medical providers and tattoo shops alike celebrated National Tattoo Removal Day by offering special promotions, hosting in-person specials at their shops, and sharing special content on social media. 

See how these folks across the country celebrated National Tattoo Removal Day in the video above.

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