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New Look Laser College Case Study: From Physician Assistant to Business Owner Feat. Connecticut Tattoo Removal


Astanza’s training division, New Look Laser College (NLLC), equips interested students with education, hands-on training, and business operations material to start their own laser tattoo removal business. New Look Laser College has trained thousands of students worldwide and is the world’s leading laser tattoo removal training school.

We recently interviewed Andrew Rodican, PA-C, owner and medical director of Connecticut Tattoo Removal, to hear about his training experience and learn what he’s up to now. Keep reading to learn more about how New Look Laser College helped Rodican create his own laser business.

What were you doing before? Tell us about your background.

“I’m a Physician Assistant and have been practicing medicine for 32 years. I’m currently working in primary care and have eight years in the military. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life.”

From entrepreneurs, registered nurses, tattoo artists, physicians, and more, New Look Laser College has helped numerous students get certified and pursue their passion of assisting others in removing their unwanted tattoos.


How did you find New Look Laser College, and why did you decide to get trained?

“My first introduction to laser tattoo removal was probably about 12 years ago. I owned a medical weight loss clinic and wanted to add another revenue stream. I started looking online and found someone in California and Arizona who had a few different [tattoo removal] clinics, and I thought it was an excellent idea. I didn’t really pursue it fully at that time, but my wife and I took a trip out to L.A. for a week, and I happened to drive by this person’s clinic. I quickly pulled a U-turn and wanted to walk inside to see if they were busy or if they were doing business, and I walked through the door, and the waiting room was packed. I walked up to the front desk, and nobody was there, I kind of looked over at the sign-in sheet, and they probably had 40 patients that day on their list, so I was pretty convinced this was going to be a great business. However, I did not seriously pursue it until this past summer when I got trained in August 2021.”

As the popularity of tattoos continues to grow, so does the demand for laser tattoo removal. Twelve years ago, when Rodican was first interested in offering laser tattoo removal, only a handful of practices were around. Today, numerous laser practices and medical spas are adding laser tattoo removal to increase revenue and meet the growing demand. Connecticut Tattoo Removal is not even a year old but is expected to exceed its projected revenue goals.

How was your experience at New Look Laser College?

“Well, the experience was awesome. When I first when there it wasn’t just necessary to get trained. I also wanted to feel out the company because I was pretty set on purchasing the [Astanza] Trinity laser system. When I got there, I was very impressed with the staff. They were all young, energetic, and very smart people. It felt like family there. The biggest thing to me was, Did I feel comfortable that I was going to receive customer service from Astanza if I purchase a laser.’ But the training was pretty awesome. We trained on the principles of lasers and went over a lot of things specific to running a clinic, how treatment works, and some physics, and we also got to practice doing some tattoo [removal] on actual patients, which was really good. I left there with the confidence that I was ready to do this.”

New Look Laser College is a two-day training course packed with educational material and many hours of hands-on training. As the first laser tattoo removal training course in the nation, New Look Laser College has continuously updated its course material to prepare our students with everything they need to know to be successful.

Were there any highlights from the training that stuck out?

“The trainer that led the class was able to break down complex information into small little bites that we could understand. The biggest thing I learned there, and I still think about it every day, is to trust the process. It was kind of scary purchasing a laser, but I just kept telling myself to trust the process every day. I had some fear, honestly, but because I've been successful in businesses before, I knew that I could work through the fear and trust the process. Again, it's about the family atmosphere. I knew and felt very confident that I wasn’t going to call for help and get a voicemail and never get a return phone call. Everyone has been really really great and exactly what I was hoping for, so I bought the company as much as I bought the product.”

Being the training division of a laser company, our team can provide expert knowledge into the business operations and marketing requirements to get certified in performing laser tattoo removal and how to run a profitable business. All of our trainers are 

How was the journey after New Look Laser College and starting Connecticut Tattoo Removal?

“I already decided before going [to New Look Laser College] that I was going to do this, and I went there to feel out the company as well as get trained. AS soon as I got back, I pretty much ordered the laser and started getting ready legally for what I had to do in Connecticut. Connecticut’s a pretty tough state. You have to be a licensed medical provider to operate a laser. I was good in that area. I purchased the laser and really haven’t looked back. I’m the kind of person that never thinks of anything but success. My philosophy is the only way you fail is if you don’t try. Yes, I was really nervous; I had a lot of fear. But you guys provided me with a market analysis prior to even going to laser college, and so far, it's panned out to be even better than what you projected. So a lot of fear, but again, you only fail if you don’t try. I have a purpose for doing this, and I knew it would be a home run, and it pretty much seems to be that at this point.”

Before getting trained, we highly recommend students research their state regulations and requirements for laser tattoo removal. Regulations vary and dictate who can legally perform laser tattoo removal, what oversight is necessary, what certification is required, etc. Astanza has numerous resources to help you understand your state’s laser laws, including our Guide to Researching Your State’s Laser Regulations ebook.

What is one tip you'd like to share with others who are on the fence about attending New Look Laser College and starting their own business?

“I can only go off of my experience at New Look Laser College, and it was an awesome experience. I felt very comfortable, but again, it made me very comfortable with the staff, and you guys have all been after starting my business right there for me at all times. Always very cordial talks, I never feel like I’m bothering anyone. You guys are totally invested in my success, especially in marketing. My business has taken off, and I’m very confident by summer, I’ll be able to sem-retire and pursue this full-time. That was my ultimate goal. By the way, I’m 64 and have been in medicine for 32 years. This is my way of transitioning to retiring. Even though I’ll still be doing tattoo removal, I actually love it. It's fun and very rewarding to help people, and there’s a big demand. It wouldn’t be possible without Astanza and the team. It's been a great experience, and I’m glad that despite the fear, I made the decision to do this. I knew in my heart and my head that this was going to be successful, and so far it is.”

To learn more about Connecticut Tattoo Removal or to schedule an appointment, visit https://connecticuttattooremoval.com/, call (860) 341-5920, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

New Look Laser College offers over ten courses each year at its Dallas headquarters and remote courses throughout Miami, Las Vegas, New York, and more. If you’ve been considering getting certified, switching careers, expanding your business, or starting a laser tattoo removal practice, register for an upcoming course today!

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