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Removing Stubborn Green and Blue Ink with the Astanza EternityTSR

    Removing Stubborn Ink Colors - Astanza Laser Tattoo RemovalFor those with experience removing tattoos, you've found that the most stubborn ink colors are usually shades of green, blue and teal. 

Why are these vibrant ink colors so hard to remove?  They require a different wavelength to target them effectively. 

Most laser tattoo removal devices only offer two wavelengths, typically strong enough to knock out black ink and other dark colors.  Without that third wavelength to pack a punch, your green/blue ink-bearing patients are left unsatisfied with their results and ready to take their business elsewhere. The Astanza EternityTSR completes a practitioners' toolbox for providing complete tattoo removal, no matter the ink color.  

The Astanza EternityTSR Q-switched ruby laser removes rare and resistant tattoo colors.  Featuring the fastest full-powered ruby repetition rate available and 6x the power of dye handpieces, the EternityTSR matches efficacy with practicality for laser professionals. Most laser tattoo removal devices typically only use 532 and 1064 wavelengths, but the Eternity's 694 wavelength makes it possible to target stubborn blues and greens effectively.  

Removing Stubborn Ink - Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal

While the Astanza Duality (532 nm and 1064 nm) is a strong cornerstone laser for practices just getting started with providing laser tattoo removal, the EternityTSR is a favorite among existing practices wanting to expand treatment options. It’s the perfect add-on laser for clinics that already perform laser tattoo removal and treat patients with resistant tattoo ink colors, such as lime-green and teal. 

Removing Stubborn Ink - Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal

Combining the Astanza EternityTSR and Duality gives laser practitioners the most competitive solution for laser tattoo removal: The Astanza TrinityTSR, three-wavelength system.  Separating the power of the Trinity into two separate devices improves reliability and efficiency.  In the rare instance that one of the two devices is not ready to perform treatments, each laser is powerful enough on its own to perform an impactful laser tattoo removal treatment.  

Removing Stubborn Ink - Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal

Our line of competitive laser tattoo removal devices have helped our clients become the leading providers for tattoo removal in their area, winning over a large patient pools and earning more money for their businesses.  Easy to operate, these lasers are commonly used by tattoo artists, med spa technicians, registered nurses, and physicians, as well as first-time laser users.  To receive more information on the Astanza EternityTSR, Duality or TrinityTSR, fill out the form on this page or contact your Astanza Representative.

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Sarah Clarke

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