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Setting Up Your Aesthetic Practice's Instagram for Success


There are numerous ways to promote your aesthetic laser business, including using social media, distributing flyers, and hosting events. Creating an Instagram business account is one of the most cost-effective strategies to constantly promote new information about your laser business and easily share updates with your audience. 

Setting up your aesthetic practice’s Instagram may seem like a small feat, but there’s more to being successful on the platform than just posting a pretty photo. However, incorporating industry tips and tricks, such as learning how to plan out your content and understanding the algorithm, will make your account stand out.


How to Set Up Your Business Profile

Creating a “Business Profile” is the first step to differentiating your aesthetic laser business’s Instagram from a personal account. This vital step will give you access to tools specifically made for businesses to view insights and boost posts. Just like you want your brick-and-mortar laser business to look professional, represent your brand, and give potential clients an easy way in, your Instagram account should do the same.

The first thing to consider is creating a username that aligns with the name of your business. If the username you had in mind is taken, get creative with an alternative! This may take some thinking – it’s arguably the most critical decision you’ll make in setting up your new Instagram account. For example, if your business located in Boston, is called Lyla’s Place, brainstorm some easy-to-understand alternatives. Some options could include @lylasplaceboston, @lylasplacemass, or @yourlylasplace.

The second is your profile photo. This will be attached to your posts, so make sure to use something easily recognizable that represents your business, like your logo. Unlike your personal Facebook profile photo, you probably don’t want to be updating this weekly. That said, if you choose not to use your logo, make sure your profile photo is something your customers will always correlate with your business.

Be sure to link to your business’s URL in the designated field for your website. One downside about Instagram is it only allows one website field in your profile and doesn’t allow users to post links in captions or comments. We’ve seen many brands swap out the website field with a link that’s talked about in a specific post with a caption that reads, “check out the link in bio for more information.” The problem with this is that a potential customer might click on the link thinking it relates to a past post only to find that it was updated to reflect an entirely different post. Therefore, be sure to keep your website link static. If you’re interested in posting multiple links in your profile, apps such as LinkTree are a popular way to share all your call-to-action links in one place, attached to their corresponding posts.

If you don’t have an elevator pitch for your laser business, writing your Instagram bio is a good place to start. Keep it short and sweet, but don’t be afraid to be a little witty or snarky if that’s the voice of your business. In summary, be creative and straight to the point. If you have other sub-accounts that link with your business, you can add those usernames in the bio too.

Lastly, as a business account, you’re able to categorize your profile depending on the type of business you operate. For example, your laser aesthetic business can be classified as “Health/Beauty” or “Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care.” Categorizing your profile will help you connect with potential clients who are genuinely interested in your type of business.

Plan Your Content

Unlike a personal profile where people post pictures as their lives unfold, business profiles require careful content planning, sometimes weeks or months in advance. Creating a content calendar for Instagram will not only keep your business prepared and organized, but will also give you more time to work on other assignments that are more pressing. 

A content calendar is the best way to plan what you want to post, schedule posts in advance, and create an overall theme for your profile’s grid. You can organize images, captions, and hashtags for each month for any events your business is having in addition to celebrating national and aesthetic-industry holidays. So whether your business focuses on laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal, you can promote these services on your Instagram business profile. If you’re looking for a planning resource to help get started, check out Astanza’s free, downloadable, customizable 2022 content calendar! We’ll set you up with some great national holiday hashtags and ideas for aesthetic-industry holidays worth celebrating.

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Have some impressive before and after photos of your work? Consider creating a #TransformationTuesday post to show the progress of your laser tattoo removal patients each week. Ideas like this give you ongoing content that your audience can look forward to and can easily be scheduled weeks in advance!

Register for Astanza's Webinar – How to: Instagram for Laser Businesses

If you want more information about starting your Instagram business profile, register for our upcoming LIVE webinar on March 29th at noon central. We’ll cover instructional tips, business basics, and share an industry-specific, expert’s guide to setting up your aesthetic practice’s Instagram for success.

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Questions? Ready to start your laser business? Contact Astanza today! Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

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