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Take Advantage of the Section 179 Deduction for Lasers


Save on Tattoo Removal Lasers with Section 179 DeductionAfter months of waiting, small business owners such as physicians and laser clinic entrepreneurs can breathe easier.

Congress and the President have agreed to provide much needed tax relief in the form of the Section 179 for 2014.

If you are 1) looking to reduce your 2014 taxes and 2) looking to grow profits in 2015, then a capital equipment purchase in the last few weeks of 2014 is a smart decision for your business. 

Given how little time in left in the year, the window for taking advantage of this significant tax deduction is limited.


Designed to Help Grow Your Tattoo Removal Business

Section 179 was established to encourage small businesses to invest in themselves and purchase equipment that will stimulate business growth. Capital equipment, such as an Astanza laser system, is a perfect example of the sort of investment incentivized by Section 179. 

Section 179 allows you to deduct up to $500,000 in equipment purchases from your 2014 income taxes.

The Section 179 deduction can be used by existing business owners or by those looking to establish their tattoo removal business in the upcoming year.

You Only Have Until 12/31/2014

If you want to claim the Section 179 deduction on your 2014 taxes, you must have invested in the equipment before the end of the year.

With our expertise in the tattoo removal field, Astanza can help you implement tattoo removal into your practice quickly for a strong start in 2015. 

Contact an Astanza tattoo removal expert today to talk more about taking advantage of Section 179 savings before it's too late.

Call Astanza at (800) 364-9010 to learn more

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