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The Astanza Experience: 3-Business Day Service Guarantee


When it comes to owning a laser business, what’s even more important than your laser is the reliable service it's backed by. Many laser purchasers are under the false impression that once they buy a laser, they’re good for business. The same can be said for marketing. Just because you build a website doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to start getting leads. You need to write blogs, hold events, spend on advertising and social media, etc.

Owning a laser means ensuring it can deliver treatments at peak performance. How do you do that? By scheduling regular preventative maintenance visits and ensuring you have timely help from a reputable source when an emergency arises. That’s why it’s just as important to invest in the laser company as it is the laser device.

By buying an aesthetic laser from Astanza, we will include our 3-Business Day Service Guarantee. With The Astanza Experience, Astanza will resolve any laser issue and have the laser in working condition within three business days after a client contacts us stating a service request, as long as you own your Astanza laser.

What Is Included in the 3-Business Day Service Guarantee?

Our guarantee includes any issues related to keeping your laser safe and effective while operating. However, the 3-Business Day Service Guarantee does not cover any problem of abnormal use, such as damage from dropped handpieces, water damage from a roof leak, handpiece or spot size recognition errors, and aiming beam malfunctions. 

If you are on a VIP plan, which is how we treat clients on paid service plans, and we cannot or do not have your laser in working condition within three business days of your service request, we will extend your VIP plan by one month per day with a maximum of 6 months. In addition, if you receive an A La Carte visit, and we can’t or don’t have your laser in working condition within three business days of receipt of full payment, you will receive a 20% discount on any parts needed.

Our 3-Business Service Guarantee also includes the most reliable service. Unlike other companies that outsource their services to third-party agencies, Astanza Laser has laser engineers that are full-time employees, making them extremely knowledgeable in the ins and outs of our lasers. This decreases repair time, cost, and increases the success rate of fixing your laser. 

Which Days are Considered Business Days?

Business days are Monday through Friday. If your request is received before 11:59 PM CT, the response time will start the next business day. Please note that Astanza observed holidays and weekends are not included in the 3-business day service guarantee.

How To Report a Service Issue

If you would like to contact us to report a service issue, you may call us at (800) 364-9010. Or, you can send emails to service@astanzalaser.com.

You may also fill out the Astanza Request Service Page form: https://astanzalaser.com/request-service

Phone calls or emails to other contact information not listed above will not be considered a service request for our 3-Business Day Service Guarantee.

Questions? Find our FAQs page for the 3-Business Day Service Guarantee here.

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