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The Astanza Experience: Business Builder System


As part of The Astanza Experience, new clients are included in the Business Builder System. This stage of The Astanza Experience allows our clients to start their aesthetic laser business with a lead generation campaign, providing 60 leads in 60 days. It also amplifies resources for your laser business to succeed in the beginning stages.

Who Is Eligible for the Business Builder System?

Clients who purchased an Astanza laser after June 1st, 2022, are eligible for the entire business builder lead generation system. In addition, if you’re an existing client, you will continue to receive access to our marketing materials, pay-per-click setup and google advertisement management, custom graphics, and design work, as well as access to our client webinars and emails.

What Is Included In The Business Builder

  • Kick-off call with our award-winning sales, service, and marketing team
  • Understand how to best utilize
  • 60 leads in 60 days
  • Business tips and guidance from the marketing team over the next 60 days, starting with our kick-off call
  • Content for your website specifically for the device you purchased
  • Backlinks from the Astanza website
  • Custom graphics and design work, access to webinars, email newsletters

60 Leads in 60 Days

The Astanza business builder system will generate 60 leads in 60 days at no cost to the client. If 60 leads are not generated within 60 days, 15 leads will be added for a total of 75 leads. There is no cash substitute for the 60-day lead generation program. The lead generation process may start before the laser is installed but will surely begin the day after installation. We ask the client to have a website and Facebook page to help generate leads. 

Join the Astanza Family

If you’re a member of the Astanza Family, thank you for trusting our expertise and partnering with us. Contact us today if you’re ready to open an aesthetic laser practice or expand an existing clinic. Astanza is the leading provider of laser technology in the U.S. and has an extensive product line, including laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and skin resurfacing devices.

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