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The Astanza Experience: Lifetime Training and Clinical Support


Before purchasing any aesthetic laser device, you must have the right resources to prepare yourself and train your team. As part of The Astanza Experience, we provide you lifetime training and clinical support for your business after purchasing any Astanza laser machine. 

What is the Astanza Experience?

The Astanza Experience guides clients who have purchased an Astanza Laser device throughout their entire laser business journey. Astanza starts with a kick-off call with our service, training, and marketing teams to share how you can best utilize our services. 

Each component of The Astanza Experience benefits your business. For example, our Business Builder System gets you 60 leads in 60 days and includes critical marketing strategies for a successful start to your aesthetic laser practice. Providing these leads at the beginning of your business allows you to engage with potential customers once your installation is complete. Read more about our Business Builder System here.

Offering the best service in the industry, everyone who purchases a laser from Astanza will have any laser device issues solved within three business days, guaranteed. In addition, this pillar of The Astanza Experience will ensure your laser is in working condition within three business days after requesting a laser repair or service visit, as long as you own your Astanza laser.

Lastly, the Lifetime Training and Clinical Support pillar offers training from our team of knowledgeable, degreed biomedical engineers and clinical trainers who provide continuous support for any inquiry or issue that arises. 

Lifetime Training & Clinical Support

After purchasing your Astanza laser, you can immediately access a comprehensive clinical resource library, video consultations with Astanza biomedical engineers or clinical trainers, complimentary training at New Look Laser College in Dallas, and pre-scheduled training at Astanza headquarters.


Who Is Eligible for Lifetime Training?

Anyone who purchases a laser device from Astanza is part of the Astanza Experience, which includes Lifetime Training and Clinical Support. One of the laser training options is attending New Look Laser College in Dallas. This training is non-transferable, specific to the Dallas location, and subject to availability. Clients can send team members to New Look Laser College in Dallas at no cost, as long as you own your Astanza laser. Travel costs are not included.

Becoming Part of The Astanza Experience

Want to get into the aesthetic laser industry? Contact Astanza Laser to become a client and have the Astanza team support you every step of the way. 

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Questions? Find our FAQs page for our Lifetime Training and Clinical Support here.

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