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The Importance of Online Patient Reviews (and How to Get More!)


How to get more patient reviews online!Word-of-mouth marketing has long been the most powerful form of recommendation and a key marketing tactic for promoting a business. In today’s digital age, word-of-mouth marketing has taken a new form through online review platforms.

For practitioners in the medical and aesthetic industries, the importance of reviews has become especially apparent in a potential patient’s decision-making process to invest in a doctor. In this article, we discuss the positive impact reviews have on a potential patient and your business and tips for getting more reviews.


Patient Reviews Matter

Today, social review platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business have a direct influence on purchasing decisions. Most consumers examine referrals from friends, and even strangers, on social media when deciding whether to invest in a business.

If you’re a practicing physician, you may be thinking, “That doesn’t apply to me. People use reviews to find consumer services like deciding where to eat or which plumber to use. Patients don’t refer to reviews for physicians - they look at my credentials.”

Patient Reviews for Physicians StatisticsDid you know that the average consumer trusts patient reviews more than a doctor’s training and schooling? In fact, a RealSelf survey showed that “68% of consumers said reviews helped them determine a doctor’s trustworthiness, versus 15% for a doctor’s training and education credentials.”

Another RealSelf survey showed that out of 900 patients, 59% said online reviews for doctors on other websites were their top deciding factor when choosing a doctor, while 49% said patient reviews on the doctor’s website was their deciding factor.

All it takes is one patient sharing their great treatment experience on Facebook or RealSelf or posting photos of their impressive results on Instagram to generate buzz, pique the interest of potential clients, and grow your business.

Point-blank, reviews matter.


Getting More Patient Reviews

So how can you, a busy physician with a million things on your plate, accumulate more patient reviews?

  1. Just Ask

    It’s as simple as that. While asking for reviews can seem tedious, awkward, and uncomfortable, the payoff is extremely rewarding. Don’t let your fear of a bad review stop you from missing out on the chance to get a great five-star review! Be nice and cordial and always ask how you can improve your patients’ experience. If you still feel nervous asking for reviews, have a friendly staff member ask on your behalf.
  2. Have the Right Tools

    Create a business or physician profile where patients can easily find you and leave a review. RealSelf is the number one review site for physicians and medical and aesthetic practices. On RealSelf, patients can leave individual reviews about you, your practice, and the services you offer, like the Astanza Trinity treatment page. RealSelf also allows doctors to interact directly with patients and answer any questions that may arise, giving you an opportunity to become an online expert for various procedures and attract more patients.Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business are also great review platforms that offer free profiles. These platforms are great complementary tools for increasing your trust with potential patients. If you have a website, make sure you have direct social links on your homepage and contact page to easily navigate patients to your social profiles to leave a review.
  3. Timing is Everything

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s best to wait until the 2nd or 3rd patient visit before asking for a review. Happy repeat customers are more inclined to leave a review versus a new client who has yet to create a relationship with you.The best time to ask for a review is when a patient is completely satisfied with your services. If a patient is gushing about their results, use that moment to your advantage by benefiting from their happiness.
  4. Follow-Up

    We all know that one patient who says they’ll leave a review later but never do. The best way to deal with forgetful patients is to send a gentle reminder via text or email to give them the nudge they need. You can even include a message that says, “Leave us a Review” on the bottom of your physical appointment reminder cards.
  5. Customer Service

    Last but not least, always practice customer service. Ensure that your staff members are showing the same kind of service that you would want to receive. Send thank you emails or even handwritten thank you cards to let your patient know they’re a valued part of your practice. Small details of client appreciation definitely won’t go by unnoticed.

Patient reviews are a powerful tool that can help grow your practice and attract new potential clients. Astanza has partnered with RealSelf to give Astanza Trinity physicians a free RealSelf profile. RealSelf is also giving your patients the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes for $500 simply by leaving a review about you and their Trinity treatment.

Astanza Trinity Treatment Page RealSelf

Don’t have a RealSelf profile? No worries! Astanza has partnered with RealSelf to give Astanza medical practitioners a FREE RealSelf profile. Once you’ve created your profile, direct your patients to the Astanza Trinity treatment page and have them write a review. Patients must include “REVIEW500” at the end of their review in order to qualify for the sweepstakes.

If you would like to discuss other ways to get great patient reviews or have questions on how to claim your RealSelf profile, reach out to your Astanza sales representative today!

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