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Dallas Art & Tattoo Expo Pre-Party & Open House Sponsored by Texas Inked!

CALLING ALL TATTOO ARTISTS: The Dallas Art & Tattoo Expo is almost here!  Will you be at the Pre-Party? 

Don't miss the free Tattoo Artist Pre-Party & Open House on September 12, 2019 hosted by Astanza Laser!  This exclusive pre-game is open to all Dallas-based tattoo artists and shop owners and is sponsored by Texas Inked Magazine and the Dallas Art & Tattoo Expo. 

During the Pre-Party & Open House, guests will enjoy laser tattoo removal talk, laser demos, and free tattoo removal sessions at Astanza's headquarters.  

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Recapping the Dallas Tattoo and Art Show

This past weekend, the Dallas Art and Tattoo Expo took place at Fair Park. Astanza Laser was there to meet tattoo artists and tattoo shop owners and explain how they can add laser tattoo removal to their current tattooing services and make more money.

We had plenty of great conversations with tattoo artists and tattoo shop owners from around the world and received many questions about laser tattoo removal. The most commonly asked questions by tattoo shop owners about laser tattoo removal were:

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