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Enhancing Tattoo Removal - Don't Forget the PFD Patch!

Laser practitioners and patients alike can't get enough of the latest tattoo removal accessory, the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch.

What is the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch? 

The DESCRIBE® PFD Patches are FDA cleared, small squares of silicone infused with PFD (Perfluorodecalin) – a completely inert, harmless liquid that allows practitioners to treat a tattoo up to four times with the laser in a single treatment session.

The PFD liquid resides between two layers of silicone. The upper silicone layer prevents the PFD liquid from evaporating and protects the skin from heat emitted from the laser. The lower silicone layer gently adheres the Patch to the patient’s skin.  

A certified laser tattoo removal practitioner applies the PFD Patch over the area being treated so that the laser fires through it.  After each pass, the practitioner readjusts the Patch to use a fresh section.  Often times, users will see real tattoo ink ejection during the course of a laser treatment when using the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch. Although ink ejection is possible, the silicone patch acts as a barrier that catches any bio-splatter, protecting both practitioners and patients. 

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It's sale time at Astanza! We love helping you grow your business and score some awesome deals along the way.  Astanza is offering a limited-time deal on DESCRIBE® PFD Patches!  With this special year-end promotion, you’ll receive: 

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Astanza to Become Laser Tattoo Removal Distributor of the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch

DALLAS, April 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Astanza Laser, a worldwide leader and innovator of technology for tattoo removal, hair removal, and other aesthetic procedures, is now an official distributor of the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch. 

Through their efforts to improve the removal of unwanted ink, Astanza has entered into a distribution arrangement with Merz North America, Inc. to provide this innovative technology to its clients that promotes faster ink clearance, better laser access to the ink, and safer treatment compared to tattoo removal without the Patch.  

“For the past ten years, Astanza’s commitment to our clients’ success has made us a worldwide leader in laser tattoo removal,” said David Murrell, President of Astanza. “Being the only laser manufacturer or laser distributor authorized to sell the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch in the United States solidifies that commitment within the laser tattoo removal industry and illustrates how dedicated we are to bringing forth the best approach and results for this procedure.”

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Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing Considerations for Tattoo Shops

It’s no secret that adding a new service or product to your tattoo shop can increase revenue and help increase profits. Laser tattoo removal is one of the most popular and successful ways to do just that. When adding laser tattoo removal to your tattoo shop, it’s important to think about how to price your treatments. 

There are a variety of pricing considerations that can help streamline revenue, attract a different clientele, encourage repeat visits, and ultimately grow your business. In this article, we’ll discuss the many options that are available for your shop’s pricing needs.

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The DESCRIBE® PFD Patch: Changing Laser Tattoo Removal

The tattoo removal procedure has changed tremendously throughout history. Early methods included excision, salabrasion, dermabrasion, and CO2 laser vaporization, dangerous procedures that involved cutting or scraping of the skin, leading to severe damage and often permanent scarring.

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