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Join Astanza for an Exclusive Laser Hair Removal Webinar featuring Renew MedSpa

As an aesthetic business owner, evaluating your revenue streams and considering other avenues to increase your profitability is always good practice. Expanding your practice's services is one of the best ways to generate additional revenue. This is the route many laser businesses take since most aesthetic lasers on the market can perform various skin procedures.

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The Astanza Experience: 3-Business Day Service Guarantee

When it comes to owning a laser business, what’s even more important than your laser is the reliable service it's backed by. Many laser purchasers are under the false impression that once they buy a laser, they’re good for business. The same can be said for marketing. Just because you build a website doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to start getting leads. You need to write blogs, hold events, spend on advertising and social media, etc.

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The Astanza Experience: Business Builder System

As part of The Astanza Experience, new clients are included in the Business Builder System. This stage of The Astanza Experience allows our clients to start their aesthetic laser business with a lead generation campaign, providing 60 leads in 60 days. It also amplifies resources for your laser business to succeed in the beginning stages.

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Four Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

As laser hair removal becomes a highly-sought-after approach to removing unwanted hair, the myths surrounding this procedure have become exaggerated. As an aesthetic practitioner, you may want to familiarize yourself with these myths to inform your clients and ease their worries. Astanza has come up with four of the most common myths about laser hair removal and exposes the truth to bust these fabrications.

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Why Laser Hair Removal is the Best Method for Your Aesthetic Practice

As a business owner, it’s essential to plan ahead, think of ways to improve your services, and ultimately provide the best care for your clients. One of the ways to grow your business is to expand your services with a new and exciting product or treatment. For example, hair removal is widely sought after worldwide and is a surefire way to attract new clients and cater to existing clients. While there are several methods for removing unwanted hair, a few stand out more than others, not only in efficacy but in profitability, comfort, and speed.

This article discusses the top hair removal methods seen in aesthetic practices and salons and why laser hair removal is superior to them all.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Laser Hair Removal

Planting trees, cleaning up trash or debris, and packing up an extra bag of recyclables are all great ways to contribute to the celebration of Earth Day. But, what if being kind to Mother Nature this year could be a little more unique?

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