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How to Give Back with Laser Tattoo Removal

Being a practitioner for laser tattoo removal comes with a range of benefits – from the increasing demand for tattoo removal treatments to the profitability of running a laser tattoo removal business. However, one of the best benefits that can come from laser tattoo removal is helping your community. Whether you decide to do fully nonprofit work, a for profit business that does free or reduced cost removals, or you offer your services by partnering with local organizations for free, there are many ways to give back. 

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Tattoo Removal by the Numbers: Trends on the Rise

You probably can name at least five people in your circle of family and friends who have tattoos. And of those five, at least a couple of them have voiced regret of their ink. Tattoos have become increasingly popular over the years – with nearly 30% of Americans having at least one tattoo.

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The Power of Before & Afters Feat. InkAway Laser Tattoo Removal

Before and after photos are a staple in any aesthetic practice, especially for laser tattoo removal businesses. Great before and after photos help set client expectations while accurately portraying their treatment progress.

Astanza's annual Client-Only Before & After Contest rewards clients for the fantastic results they've achieved with Astanza technology. This client-exclusive contest highlights the impressive before and after photos that our clients achieve and celebrate #changinglives utilizing Astanza laser technology.

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Modern Dallas Tattoo Studio Partners with Astanza to Offer Laser Tattoo Removal

The greatest thing about Astanza is the client partnerships we create along the way. From medspas and laser entrepreneurs, physicians to tattoo artists, and non-profits to correctional facilities, Astanza has cultivated a wide range of client relationships worldwide. While many of our clients come from different backgrounds, one thing ties them and Astanza together: our underlying mission to change lives and positively impact our communities through advanced laser treatments.

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