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Learn More About MedSpa Marketing and Get Free Marketing Tips and Tricks

With the increasing popularity of beauty and wellness treatments of all kinds, the demand for the services offered at “medspas” is flourishing. The high demand for information and know-how on the specifics of operating and expanding a medspa business has inspired us to host an instructional, absolutely free webinar on: “5 Ways to Increase the Profitability of Your MedSpa.” Before you sign up for the webinar, here are some pre-session basics.

What is a MedSpa?

MedSpas, short for “medical spas,” combines elements of traditional spas and medical clinics. Patients at medspas receive cosmetic procedures, especially ones countering the effects of aging skin, in a relaxing environment. Medspas have become more and more popular with the booming aesthetic industry. Having helped establish medspas internationally, Astanza Laser wants to share insight on how these businesses increased their profitability.

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Is Customer Service the Key to Increased Profitability for Your MedSpa?

Customers are an essential factor in a business’ success. If you think about it, customers make up your entire business. Everything from marketing, advertising, sales, and how profitable your business is, rely solely upon your customers. The saying “The customer is always right” isn’t a literal phrase as much as it is a reminder for businesses and employees to treat their customers with the utmost respect and service. A happy, satisfied customer is more likely to promote your business via social media, recommend your medical spa to friends and family, return for repeat treatments, and explore additional services.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of customer service and why it is the key to long-term success and profitability of your medical spa.

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Referrals, the Key to Marketing Your MedSpa


Referrals play a significant role in the lives of consumers. We often turn to friends and family for advice on which TV series to start, which movie to watch, which restaurant to eat at, which products to buy, and so on. We even invest in brands that celebrities and social media influencers use and promote. When it comes to investing in a brand or purchasing a product, we tend to put our trust in the opinions of people in our lives.

For most businesses and especially for medical spas, the key to success depends on customer referrals. In this article, we will explain the importance of referral marketing and how it can be used to grow your practice and profits.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Company Spends $5 Million for a 30 Second Super Bowl Spot

Chances are, you won’t see the title of this blog, “Laser Tattoo Removal Company Spends $5 Million for a 30 Second Super Bowl Spot,” in the headlines on Monday morning after the Super Bowl airs.

A single Super Bowl commercial is going for $5 million for a 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl and only the largest and most daring companies will spend that type of money on a Super Bowl ad. That’s a good thing considering for many companies, and almost all laser tattoo removal companies, running a national ad, one time, is akin to throwing your money away. Or at least spending your entire marketing budget in one fell swoop.

If you have heard the business/marketing section during New Look Laser College, you will already know that mass marketing (like Super Bowl commercials) for laser tattoo removal doesn't really work. It's not geographically targeted, it's REALLY expensive, and it doesn’t necessarily reach the audience you are trying to attract. What does work well for Laser Tattoo Removal companies is using advertising methods that are digital and geographically focused.

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Free Webinar: How to Start a Laser Tattoo Removal Business

February 15th at 2 pm CST we are offering a free-of-charge, 45-minute webinar for tattoo shop owners, entrepreneurs, and tattoo artists who are seeking to grow their tattoo shop businesses by offering laser tattoo removal.

The webinar will teach you best practices to maximize your laser equipment investment and kickstart your own successful laser tattoo removal business. 

With the right guidance and marketing, adding laser tattoo removal services to your existing tattoo shop can add substantial value to your business.

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Top 5 Ways to Market Your Laser Tattoo Removal Business

In today’s age of technology, online marketing is the key to running a successful business. Almost every business owner and entrepreneur knows how effective web marketing can be when trying to reach a target audience. This especially applies to laser tattoo removal clinics whose target audience is solely people who want to have their tattoo removed. When it comes to niche procedures like laser tattoo removal, it is extremely important to use the right strategies for marketing online. 

In this article, we’ve outlined the top 5 best ways to market your laser tattoo removal business online, without having to exhaust your budget. Implementing these strategies into your business will help nurture leads, build relationships with existing clients, and strengthen your online presence.

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Three Marketing Tips for Your Laser Tattoo Removal Business

If you are already in business as a tattoo artist, dermatologist, or medical spa owner, tattoo removal is one of the easiest ways to significantly and quickly increase your bottom line. The ROI of laser tattoo removal is also significant, as clients will need to purchase multiple sessions over a period of time and each treatment costs between $150 - $200. 

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a laser tattoo removal business is marketing it effectively. Below are some easy marketing tips that will help you attract more laser tattoo removal clients.

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A Look into New Look Laser College

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the laser tattoo removal market by expanding your existing practice or starting a new business. Laser tattoo removal has grown increasingly popular over the last couple of years as more and more people seek to remove their unwanted tattoos. 

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Laser Treatments Are For More Than Just Tattoo Removal

Recently, Self Magazine published a wonderful article about dermatologists’ use of lasers for all sorts of cosmetic procedures. The article focuses on how various types of lasers (and which ones) are used to treat common issues that dermatologists see in their practices. Issues for which dermatologists often recommend laser procedures include brown spots and discoloration, redness, wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks and of course, removing tattoos

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