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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Episode 7

Breaking News! A new episode of Astanza Tattoo Removal News is out with important information about upcoming events, our blog, and a further look into what selling aesthetic lasers really means to us. In addition, we feature important information about National Tattoo Removal Day – coming up very soon on August 14th – and what the purpose of #ChangingLives looks like in a day-to-day scenario. Also, get an inside look at one of our nonprofit clients, Homeboy Industries, learn about their mission and resources and how they've become the worlds largest re-entry and rehabilitation program.

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The U.S. Army Loosens Restrictions on Tattoo Policy

Now, more than ever, tattoos and tattoo removal are increasing their reputation as the perfect pair. We have always believed that tattoos are an art form for people to express themselves or cherish memories. However, some tattoos and their sentiment don’t always last. With laser tattoo removal, it’s easier to remove or fade a tattoo for a cover-up to get exactly what you want.

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How to Give Back with Laser Tattoo Removal

Being a practitioner for laser tattoo removal comes with a range of benefits – from the increasing demand for tattoo removal treatments to the profitability of running a laser tattoo removal business. However, one of the best benefits that can come from laser tattoo removal is helping your community. Whether you decide to do fully nonprofit work, a for profit business that does free or reduced cost removals, or you offer your services by partnering with local organizations for free, there are many ways to give back. 

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The Journey of a Successful Laser Tattoo Removal Non-Profit

Astanza is proud to partner with various organizations and businesses nationwide that perform laser tattoo removal to help change the lives of others. One nonprofit organization that has transformed its local community with laser tattoo removal is Tattoo Removal Ink.

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Why Now is the Time to Start a Nonprofit Laser Tattoo Removal Business

Since the time it was first introduced, laser tattoo removal has skyrocketed in popularity. People worldwide jumped at the chance of parting ways with their tattoo regret and unwanted ink. Physicians, estheticians, medical spas, and tattoo artists began investing in laser tattoo removal, not just because of the high demand but because they saw how eager people were to remove a permanent mark that no longer identifies them.

Over time, non-profit organizations, correctional institutions, and other laser removal providers caught onto the transformative power that laser tattoo removal provides. It became apparent that if laser tattoo removal can have such a positive effect on a newlywed who removed an ex’s name, then how much more powerful would it be for an ex-convict who could erase a permanent reminder of their past.

If you’ve been considering starting your own non-profit or want a way to give back to your community, then laser tattoo removal might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Non-Profit Laser Tattoo Removal - Erasing Memories of the Past

Contrary to popular opinion, some people receive tattoos against their own volition. Individuals in prison, those involved with gangs, people under the influence of peer pressure, or victims of sex trafficking are often forced to get one or several tattoos to be a part of a group. Countless people rely on laser tattoo removal to eliminate painful memories resulting from unwanted, forced, or inappropriate tattoos. In particular, people with inappropriate tattoos or candidates seeking employment with tattoos on their hands or face tend to regret their ink as some employers look negatively at visible tattoos.

For example, most of those who spend time in jail find it challenging to segue to civilian life. Thankfully, charitable groups and individuals such as the Jail Ministry of Elkhart County in Elkhart, Indiana, exist. This group is working hard to make a positive difference for those transitioning from jail to regular civilian life. The Jail Ministry of Elkhart County's laser tattoo removal program focuses on removing gang tattoos, particularly those from the wrist area on down and those on the neck and up. Tattoos in such locations are problematic as they are visible to hiring managers, business owners, and colleagues. Though a hiring manager might not admit he or she refuses to hire someone with visible tattoos, the truth is such tattoos often stand in the way of an offer for gainful employment.

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